Trending: Monochrome Grids


Photo by Bash Party Goods

Monochrome has never looked so good with the excellent new trend that has made it’s way through the fashion world and ready to make it’s mark on the event industry!

Grids in a classic monotone black and white colour scheme are the new geometric when it comes to style – so throw out the brass hanging decorations and terrariums and add a sleek and sophisticated look to your parties by incorporating the grid design. Large or small, it’s not the size of the grids that matter, but it’s actually what you cut it with that counts!

Mix this new minimalist inspired geometrical grid pattern with one or two main bright pops of sorbet or pastel colours (another trending colour scheme) to liven up the mood and bring the party to your decor. Add a few extra minimalist elements to the party by incorporating one other bright pop of a different coloured triangle pattern or block pattern to the mix. It sounds like it could get messy, I know, but here are a few styling ideas by the leaders in this new trend Bash Party Goods that could help wrap your head around the new trending party theme.

Bash Party

Photo by Bash Party Goods

And if your looking for something monochrome grid style to wear to your excellent party, I would highly like to suggest checking out the music video for Hilary Duff’s new song “Sparks”. The girl has got trending monochrome grids DOWN!


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