5 Ways To Use Lavender

Now that it is officially spring in southern hemisphere, it’s time to break out the classic floral! But before you dump a bunch of flowers everywhere and call it a day, you need to know that there are some very particular types of flowers that are garnering popularity nowadays in the form of soft pastel pinks, purples and mix of grey tones of lavender. There are many ways you can bring this sweet looking trend into your next party, and here are five ways you can do just that:


Photo by A Pair and A Spare

1. Use It As A Garnish

Decorating with lavender hues might be one thing, but decorating with actual sprigs brings your food and drink tables to life! By clipping off a few light stems and using tiny wooden pegs to secure them to the rims of your glassware you have an beautiful way to bring lavender into every aspect of your party – and damn does it look good with a Rose Water Cointreau Fizz!

Lavender Farm

Photo by Katie Parra

2. Use It As The Venue

This might be a little bit tricker to track down, but if you get married and host events at vineyards, wineries and manors, why not also hold an event at a lavender farm? You definitely need to decide to host your event during springtime or whenever the farm hands suggest the lavender bushes will be flourishing the best, and there is the distinct possibility of having to travel a little out of your way to get there, but damn wouldn’t that be a nice drive?

Venue Card

Photo by Katie Parra For Pink Blossom Events

3. Use It As A Place Card Holder or Menu Decoration

If you have decided to use the wonderful purple toned hue of the lavender to set the overall colour scheme for your event, you can really make a place card holder or menu and plate decoration pop by setting a sprig of lavender against the card stock. Easy to pick, and super cute when neatly tied together in a ribbon, this will create a beautiful decoration effect that will also smell amazing!


Photo by Bump Smitten and Jane Event Designs

4. Use the Colours

Lavender is a beautiful colour that would be the perfect theme for a whole host of different themed parties – such as a pastel baby shower, a bridal shower, a sweet kitchen tea or even a birthday party. The dusty grey hue in the lavender makes for a wonderful colour palette, and when mixed with white, pastel purple and wooden textures you have an instant whimsical decoration idea that would work perfectly as a general addition to the decor in your home.


Photo by Sprinkles for Breakfast

5. Eat it

Lavender is one of those baking ingredients that I have been trying to get my hands on all my life. There are so many amazing recipes out there that work wonderfully well with lavender – everything from chocolate lavender cupcakes to a rosemary and lavender naked cake pictured above from Sprinkles for Breakfast. It gives such a soft and subtle flavour but is perfect for that gathering that calls for something a little more special. It also goes great with other base flavourings – such as chocolate, vanilla and different kinds of herbs as well.

There are some amazing receives for drinks out there as well, and make a great colouring for your next fruit tingle cocktail!

So move over roses… it’s time for lavender to have it’s turn!

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