Party Round Up: August


Photo by Byron Carr

It’s always a party here at The Party Connection for the months of July and August because we’re not only celebrating my birthday on the 31st July but we are also celebrating the birthday of The Party Connection blog, which was born on the 23rd August with a post about a delicious looking Candy Land Cake! This year has been all about new experiences and finding a place in the world, and as the southern hemisphere finally says goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring I am definitely getting a good feeling about the second half of the year! Until then though, have a look at some of the awesome posts and parties that are making it big online this month:

Party Round Up:

  • Spring is on the way, so it’s all about the soft and light feminine colours that are here to welcome the flowers. To add a little Spring in the step of your next party you can follow the great advice from A Pair & A Spare about making some deliciously light Rose Water Cointreau Fizz cocktails, complete with sprigs of lavender pegged to the glass. I love that the Grounds of Alexandria were the feature venue as well – oh how I love that Hipster den!
  • I love this amazing charity event for Farms For Life that was held at the Woodinville Lavender Farm in Washington. The decorations put together by Pink Blossom Events are sheer perfection that rolled out the best of what the Lavender Farm could offer – the food looks delicious, the place-settings beautiful and the desserts look to die for! (there is nothing like a hot pink mousse to get you salivating!) Stay tuned for September’s post about 5 Ways to Use Lavender for your next event as well.
  • Check out White Magazine’s beautiful spread using contrasting geometric shapes against the beautifully light floral of a Spring wedding shoot.
  • We Are Origami had a Q&A session about why it is important to have an engagement shoot done before the wedding. We had one, and you definitely learn a thing or two before the wedding (like I definitely should have gotten a manicure!)
  • Check out this amazing Aloha Bundt cake from Stumble Upon – delicious!
  • To round it all off, I have been obsessively trolling a new baking blogger that is worth checking out! Her blog is Sprinkles for Breakfast and it is marvoulous and features some amazing things like a Blackberry Blackout Ice Cream Cake, and even a National Doughnut tour! Mmm… I want to be in on that!
  • Did you watch the Pretty Little Liars midseason finale? I’m not going to spoil it for you, but Buzzfeed put together an epic Pretty Little Liars themed viewing party to celebrate!

Other Articles:

  • No what kind of life you are living, it will never be as amazing as Shay Mitchell’s, better known as Emily from the stupidly addictive TV show Pretty Little Liars. Not only is she rich, famous, and ridiculously good looking, she’s also travelling the world for her Youtube channel Shaycation and winning Instagram with her amazing photos. Click and feel jealous that you will never be this flawless. It’s a killer, but I’m pretty sure she’s a Goddess or something.
  • While you’re frothing over Shay Mitchell’s life, you might as well check out her blog Amore and Vita and go green.
  • I am definitely a Supernatural Fan Girl (I’ve even met Jensen, Jared and Mischa!) so anything to do with the stars and their show, I sit up and listen. Recently at Comic Con in July, Supernatural fans everywhere held up a candle for Jared Padelecki who revealed recently that he was battling depression and launched a T-shirt campaign to raise awareness for depression groups like “To Write Love On Her Arms”. It was so interesting to read about his life, his battle and desire for strength after my own battles of depression that I suggest everyone get behind it! You can check our their T-shirt campaign at!
  • 21st Century Burlesque also wrote an article about the world of burlesque and the burlesque community – and about how it is a profession like any other. Definitely an interesting read if it is something you are interested in!
  • Want to know how to Instagram better? Marianna Hewitt will tell you, and damn did I not go to the Apps store straight away after watching this:

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