DIY Events: A Dinosaur Party By Jayne Barton Overett

Jayne’s children are so lucky to have such wonderfully themed parties every year – and with four children, you can guarantee she needs to think outside the box to make each party different and special. For her son Denver’s 3rd birthday, they decided to have a dinosaur themed party, and here are some of the amazing things she put together for the party:

Dinosaur Tails

To get everyone in the mood, Jayne put together an amazing DIY dinosaur tail after browsing Pinterest. Jayne had the idea to make these tails out of craft foam, which worked out perfectly because they maintained their rigid shape and the fact that they jutted out so obviously the kids really enjoyed them! To do a similar idea you can cut the widest longest triangles possible out of craft foam, and the cut out strips of triangles in contrasting colours that were hot glued on to the craft foam triangles to create dinosaur spikes. Then decorate with the same coloured paper as the triangles, but cut them into spots to create a classic spotty dinosaur effect. Once decorated, you need to find a way to add these tails to loops to be worn, and Jayne wrapped the front and back of the tail with clear packing tape (to ensure strength in the tail) and pierced a hole in the tape in which elastic was threaded through. The result was a strong tail that the kids could step into the elastic of and then wear for the day, and give everyone the feeling that they were the dinosaurs of the day. What a great idea!

Dinosaur Food

For the food, Jayne put together an amazing variety of themed food that are also were super simple to make. Jayne made volcano themed chocolate cupcakes which were a basic chocolate cake recipe that was baked in a tall cupcake pan tipped upside down. She used red candy melts poured over the top to create the bubbling lava effect. Dinosaur Fossil Cookies were a great homage to the archeology style of digging up dino bones and were made by making vanilla cookies and putting toy dinosaur imprints into the cookies – easy, and effective! Denver himself also suggested making dinosaur bones on a stick. These were made by using t-rex bone style ice cube trays and having white chocolate poured into it with lollipops added while the chocolate set. And as you can see by the photo above, they looked absolutely amazing and pretty near perfect. Jurassic World gift shop, eat your heart out!


To get a bit healthy, Jayne’s husband Gary cut an amazing “Fruitasaurus” out of watermelon and strawberries – a great idea for any reptile party, and I am sure you can Youtube a video on the step by step instructions on how to do something similar if you want recreate this at your own party as well.

Dessert Table

On the dessert table there was also a collection of snacks included swamp jelly (which is green jelly with crushed chocolate cookies on top), dinosaur claws which were chips that happened to be shaped like claws, a selection of vegies for the herbivores amongst the guest and chocolate Easter eggs which sit really well as speckled dinosaur eggs.

Volcano Cake

The birthday cake was an amazing feature for the party, and was designed to look like a volcano to reflect the earthy terrain that dinosaurs roamed around in. Jayne made the cake in a large metal bowl and put it on a regular circle pan cake tin before she cut a hole in the top of the cake that was large enough to fit a plastic cup in, which followed, and then the cake was iced with delciious chocolate icing, crushed cookies and toy dinosaurs.

To make the volcano smoke, which was an amazing addition to the volcano shaped cake, Jayne made red jelly following the packets instruction, but without having the jelly set. She poured the jelly into the plastic cup sitting in the middle of the cake and then when the cake was ready to serve, Denver popped a few pieces of dry ice into the jelly. The dry ice created a smoke effect coming out of the volcano, and the red jelly started to bubble in reaction, which began to spill out of the cup and over the cake volcano, creating the illusion of an eruption. It’s like a delicious science project!


To continue with the volcanic element, Jayne created a large volcano as a decoration piece that the kids could play around using a barstool in the centre of an already perfectly place tree stump that happened to be growing in the park where the party was held. Poster tubes were attached to stick out from the bar stool to have a more triangular volcano shape and the brown butchers paper was arranged around it with red craft foam sticking out the top to look like lava. Then a bubble machine was placed in the middle of the bar stool for a bubbling lava effect.


The best activity of the day was a dinosaur egg fossil hunt that was put together. Jayne made dinosaur eggs by putting a small toy dinosaur prize into the centre of a mould and pouring a mixture of bicarb soda and food colouring together in after it. Once set in the egg shape mould, they were removed and hidden around the park where the kids went on a hunt to find them. Like little archeologists, they took the eggs back to a “fossil table” where they have to use different tools to break the eggs and find the dinosaurs – including using toothbrushes to clean them off like a real archeologist!

And of course, there was an adorable dinosaur piñata to keep all the sweet teeth happy!

In the end, all the kids had a wonderful time and Denver enjoyed his birthday party immensely. If you are interested in throwing your own dinosaur, archeologist or even Jurassic World themed party you could definitely use some of the ideas that Jayne has used here – and if you do, we want to hear about it! Leave a comment in the section below, or send us an email to

Just what will Jayne come up with next? You’ll have to stay tuned for more!

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