These Are A Few Of My Favourite Themes

The Party Connection blog has been running for 3 years this August 23rd and there have been so many events, celebrations and parties uploaded during that time. There are so many different themes that I simply love coming back to because of their uniqueness, creativeness and overall perfect idea for a party. I want to reintroduce you to some of my favourite themes and why they are so special to me!

Katy Perry

Candy Land Themed Parties

It all started with a cake. Growing up, candy and chocolate was always a prominent fixture in my life thanks to my extremely sweet teeth (Technically, I have “Super Tastebuds!”) so it was only natural that I gravitated towards sweet themed candy land parties. I love that you can go completely crazy with this theme and use elements from so many different treats and desserts to create your own wonderland – cupcakes, lollipops, jellybeans, gummy bears, hard-boiled candies and so much more are all encouraged and the more you have the better! With amazing movies like Charlie/ Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and now Katy Perry’s delicious candy land, there are so many ways you can recreate your own candy land and this is why it is one of my favourite themes!

If you want some inspiration and want to have a look at the posts related to this theme, check out the following posts:

circus-party-19Photo from Kara’s Party Ideas

Circus Themed Parties

I love the circus – it’s something about being drawn into a garish yet stylish world of death defying acts and light-hearted whimsy, and because of this Circus themed parties were the second of a long series of posts to grace The Party Connection’s blog. Having a circus themed party is extremely versatile and I love that you can convert the idea from girly and pink to vintage and classic with simply changing the colour of striped material and decorations that you use. Adding animals makes the whole thing fun, and there are so many kinds of games that you can play to get into the circus party theme. I’m not going to lie – I love a good evil clown too!

Here are some posts I have done over the years to inspire you to re-creating your own circus party:


Party from Hostess with the Mostess

Alice In Wonderland Themed Parties

The classic tale from Lewis Carroll about a little girl sent into a psychotropic world has been one of my favourite stories from the very beginning partly because it was full of so many random things, but also because it was completely F-ed up! Having an Alice in Wonderland themed party is a popular theme to go with and is done over and over again, but because of it’s timeless appeal and the fact that there are so many “lands” and different ways that you can go with your theme it means that it will never be tiresome and it can always be unique. I have features a lot of Alice in Wonderland themes on this blog, and if you go through them below, I think you will be surprised at how many different ways you can convey this story:

Bombshell Cake toppers

Party from Hostess with the Mostess

Burlesque Themed Parties

The underground world of Burlesque has always appealed to me – the women, no matter their size, we’re sexy and celebrated, and it was the right combination of goth, pretty and circus. Everything was stunning, and while I dabbled in the art myself from time to time, I am still in awe of the performances that are out there. I love dressing up, love performing, and love dancing sexy so it just made sense. A burlesque themed party would be a great idea for a bachelorette party, a birthday party for someone like me, or a sexy get-together and I have noted a few of these amazing themes on my blog in the past:


Honey and Oat Spa Parties

Nothing gets my heart racing like Honey and Oat. It’s a wonderful combination that is good for you, good for your skin and smells and tastes delicious. This all stemmed from my days working at The Body Shop, and discovering the Honey and Oat mask that they sell. I incorporated it into my bridesmaids gifts and never looked back. It hasn’t been one of my most popular posts, but the theme is definitely one of my favourites. You can check it out here.

So while I have so many different themed parties on my blog, and while I love each and every one of them and they all signify special moments in my life, these have to be my absolute favourites and ones I will always come back to. What are your favourite posts of the past 3 years? Let me know in the comments below!

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