Trending: Diamond Donut Toppers


Photo from Sprinkles for Breakfast

Newsflash everyone: Bling is in!

To be honest, I don’t think bling in it’s everyday form ever went out of style, but a cute new way to add some bling has made its way to the party circuit. It combines what us girls love best into one adorable party treat – diamonds and cupcake toppers! That’s right, I’m talking about the diamond and gem shaped cupcake picks that are currently adorning cupcakes, sweet treats and donuts at every engagement party, bridal shower, and kitchen teas everywhere.

Sold as flat cardboard that has been cut into a diamond shape and adorned with glitter accents, these cupcake picks are the perfect resemblance of an engagement ring and the colours are varied enough that it will suit the colour scheme and theme of just about any party. A simple and effective treat topper, these diamond shape cupcake picks are gaining popularity as a donut decorator, which is also making the rounds as a simple, delicious and increasingly popular party treat. Placing the stick of the pick through the donut and through the hole, the classic dessert is then sat upright to fully display the diamond and serve as a kitsch way to dress up your next event.

You can even make these popular toppers yourself! While it is a generally very simple idea and execution, it can be a bit fiddly, so if you’re like me, and a little bit hard for details, the good news is that you can buy these toppers from party stores everywhere right now. So what are you waiting for? Add some bling to your day!

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