5 Ways To Use Fire

Utilising the basic element of fire has become a natural tradition as many events, more notably weddings (if your venue will allow open flames of course!). However, just because it is a live commonplace décor at most events nowadays doesn’t mean that the way you utilise it has to be boring! Here are five ways that you can use fire at your next event to give your party a firey “wow” factor.


Set Some Sparklers Alight

It’s become common nowadays for a bride and a groom at a wedding to leave the reception venue at the end of the night in a shower of sparklers. While this would be my worst nightmare (I assume there is a lot of hairspray holding your bridal ‘do in place!) it does make for an extra celebratory departure, and looks tremendous in night photography. If you want to go for a bit of a different way to say goodbye to your friends and family at the end of your special of your nights, you can utilise many different sparkler shapes to put you ahead of the curve.


Photo by Mark Fischer

Let Off Some Floating Lanterns

Letting off round or column lanterns is a practice that is commonly used in the Asia region, resonating from China during their sky lantern ceremonies. You and your guests all light a special candle in the middle of the lantern and let the lantern float off into the sky, similar to how a hot air balloon operates. This ceremony is a beautiful one, as watching these burning lanterns fly off into the night sky is a spectacular experience that is enjoyable for everyone.  Unfortunately, letting these lanterns fly are an illegal practice in some countries (including here in Australia) and regions, so make sure you check the policies and procedures before letting them off. But if you can, I guarantee it will be a sight that you will never forget!

Black and Gold

Photo by Sheleigh Grob

Use Tea Lights and Candles As A Centrepiece

Candles and tea lights really do make everything better. They are not only relaxing to watch the flames dance in the air, they make great ambiance, mood lighting and can fill your party with a fragrant scent that will have guests remembering fondly for the days to come. You can incorporate your candles into many different ways as a centrepiece on your tables, including in a variety of jars and candle holders, amongst flowers and other decorations, and even on their own. You can let your imagination run wild and a candle will always tie everything together neatly. If you want to use open flame, but have no idea how to do so, or don’t want to go too crazy, this is a great fall back!

Fire Trees

Use the Fire Design!

If you’ve been on the blog in April you will have noticed the “Fire and Ice” themed float that transported us down the highway of Ulladulla during the annual “Blessing of the Fleet” parade. Fire not only looks great burning away as a centrepiece at your party, it also makes a great party theme! Using the beautiful fluid movement of a flame, and the brilliant colour scheme of red, orange and yellow (and black if you are so inclined) means that your imagination can run away with you when it comes to food served, decorations hung up, and style of venue for your party. There are so many options here, and all would look great!

Rodney CampbellPhoto by Rodney Campbell

Hire A Fire Twirler!

There is nothing more hypnotic than watching a fire when it is contained in a glass jar dancing on the end of a wick, so just imagine how hypnotic it would be to watch the fire twirl around a person on the end of a stick, doing crazy jumps and tricks all for your amusement! There are people out there who love fire twirling, and perform quite regularly at parties and events, so why not arrange to have one of them come along and entertain your guests? Find out what they need and make sure there is a large open space for them to do their thing in, but then let them go! It will be sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

So there you have it, five ways you can incorporate fire and flames into your next party. Just remember that safety is key and you don’t want to have open flames somewhere that pets and children can get to them, and make sure you always have a fire extinguisher on hand just in case anything were to happen. Make sure as well that if you are putting your candles in glassware that the glass has been double coated and fully sealed – I once put a taper candle in a jar that completely burnt the jar down to small glass shards and almost set the house on fire. So remember, no matter what, SAFETY FIRST.

Don’t forget to check out next month’s 5 ways to use for some more inspiration!

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