Party Round Up: July Bumper Issue

Snow Bunny

Photo by Byron Carr

Hey guys, do you know what time it is? Only the best time ever because it’s my BIRTHDAY!!!! As you are reading this, I am heading down to the snow for a fun-filled snow bunny birthday bash with my husband to celebrate my 25th birthday. I know it seems strange for an event planner like me not to be throwing a fancy gathering on such a landmark birthday, but this year I really wanted to focus on my time with my husband and get ready for the super fun things coming up in the second part of 2015, so this means we are hitting the snow-draped hot tubs, the ski lifts and the hot chocolate instead!

But it’s not all about me – July has been quite monumental for The Party Connection as well with it’s very first ever giveaway open until 12.00midnight tonight. I am so excited to be able to share my love for parties with you, and keen to see all the wonderful entries I have received, so stay tuned for the winner to be announced in just a few short days. Until then, use your enthusiasm and excitement by checking out this super special bumper issue of the July Party Round Up. Love you guys!

Party Round Up:

  • There are so many elements to this Cambodian destination wedding on Hooray that it absolutely sums up Cambodia in it’s busy, contrasting nutshell. Cambodia is an absolutely beautiful place and a unique way to celebrate your nuptials. For a closer look at Cambodian wedding customs, check out my post from my travels in 2013.
  • This wedding shoot from White Mag is downright beautiful. Dripping with romance and whimsy, this shoot incorporates current wedding trends with the beauty and deep red tones of an Autumn harvest theme and creates an absolutely stunning masterpiece. This is wedding perfection right here. And they also feature an AMAZING naked cake by none other than Shakespeare’s Cakespeare!
  • Hooray posted this absolutely stunningly intricate hipster Boho Elopement that has event planners getting thirsty. I absolutely love the naturalist style elements that is running throughout and it goes to show that even an elopement can be more than just a walk down the short business aisle at the registrar’s office! Put some time and energy into doing what you love, and you’ll have something just like this!
  • While you are over at White Magazine, check out the stunning gold glittery dress on the bride, and the beautiful chalkboard cake of All That Shimmers, and the wonderful backdrop of a Phuket wedding in A Destination Wedding Day Dream.
  • Rock n Roll Bride is always on point, and this Tropical Beach Wedding had so many elements it is hard to choose just one to love. From the Marie Antoinette styled purple haired bride, to the gorgeous beach location of the wedding, to the close knit black, red and white themed reception this is one wedding you wish you were invited to!
  • Hooray magazine also posted this super cute wedding that took place at Icebergs at Bondi Beach in Sydney. While it was quite a minimalist wedding (they probably spent all the moola on the venue alone – it is EXPENSIVE to eat there!) the crystal clear backdrop served for a fantastic styled shoot – and the bride’s dress was just beautiful! Check it out!..
  • 10 Things Your Photographer Wants You To Know – great advice for brides to be in choosing their wedding photographers.

Other Articles:

  • Veronica and Lewis from Triple J are my favourite radio hosts, and they always make me laugh. They did a little skit to promote Flume’s new single and I can’t stop watching it, and neither should you!
  • Would you leave a $95,000 a year job to scoop ice cream? What if it was in the Caribbean?  Noelle Hancock on Esquire did just that, and damn does it sound like a good idea.
  • I am OBSESSED with clothing right now. I spent a lot of time after I got married changing my look to match my newly married identity and emulated Belle from Once Upon a Time to find a style that I was happy with and that suited me. While I have grown from Belle to emulate a few other TV style icons (such as Spencer from Pretty Little Liars and Quinn from Glee), I have stayed true to those roots, so the discovery of Disneybound, the Tumblr account where you can get clothes in a similar vein to your favourite Disney characters, is my brand new obsession. If you’re a Disney gal like me, you NEED to check it out!
  • Whilst on a fashion role, I’ve been trying to delve into and learn the fundamental rules and styles that beget feminism and what makes a feminist. I’m a complete lover of all things burlesque and pin up, and after reading The Astronauts Wives Club, it was interesting to see feminist points of veiw for both for and against the wives.  I feel the general style of the 50’s and pin up fashion has been wonderfully articulated on Bustle with this post 7 Reasons Pinup Fashion is Totally Feminist. and it is definitely worth a read!
  • My closest gal friend was in another music video, and I just wouldn’t be cool if I didn’t share it with my lovely readers. Check out her amazingness here!
  • And the couple that acts together stays together! Check out the abovementioned best friend’s husband in an advertisement for ActewAGL. Gotta show some love and support for our friends!
  • And because I am also OBSESSED with Supernatural, I cam across this awesome parody from Hillywood to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and it features all the characters you know and love, as well as a special Futurama guest in the form of Amy (Ie. Lauren Tom, who was Kevin Tran’s mother in Supernatural). And of course, while I was checking out Hillywood, I came across the other pop culture parody perfections that read like a better music video. Check out their awesome “Walking Dead” and “Warm Bodies/Lady Gaga” parody videos while you’re at it and enjoy!

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