Warm Up Your Winter Entertaining


Photo by Knight725

It’s Winter time, and that means it is time to switch your ciders and bubbly drinks for mulled or red wine, change into your pyjamas and get cosy. But just because the sun is calling it a day early and you can’t have Summer soirees of floating in and out of a fairy light lit backyard doesn’t mean that your entertaining has to stop. It just means that it has to get comfortable, and what is more comfortable than warming the heart with some winter entertaining?

1. Warm Up The Venue

There is nothing like knowing that the place you are in is warm and cosy while outside is cold and blustery, so make sure your venue has been amped to the max for comfort. Use warm gold coloured lights and turn on the lamps and floor lights for a little bit of ambiance. If you have a fireplace for guests to lounge in front of, make sure the fire is roaring, and spread woollen or crocheted blankets and pillows around the front of the fire. The warmth will be bliss and make your guests realise it was worthwhile stepping out of their own homes!

2. Serve Warm Drinks

Hot chocolate is a classic fireplace drink, so make sure you have plenty on hand to keep your guests cosy and warm in front of the fire. If you want to serve alcohol at your party, there are plenty of delightful drinks that will warm up your bellies on a cold Winter night. My favourite recipes would definitely have to be Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate, Jamie Oliver’s Mulled Wine, and either a classic glass of your favourite warming red wine or even a White Russian. Milk or wine based drinks will have you feeling cosy and relaxed – just remember not to mix them together!


Photo by ViZZZual

3. Place Close-Knit Games

Winter entertaining isn’t like standing around the BBQ on a Summers day – it is 100% completely acceptable to just sit and chat in front of a fireplace or play some board games. In fact, it’s pretty much the best thing to do on a Winters evening, so pull out your favourite games, huddle together and have some fun with your close friends – it is guaranteed to warm your heart!

4. Have Fun With Fondue

Fondue is an excellent dish to serve up to share with your friends because it is a easy, warm and complete comfort food. Have each of your guests put together their own fondue plate the night before and then all you have to do is heat it up on the night and dig in! You can make a whole variety of fondues, from savoury main courses served with bread to sweet desserts served with strawberries and fruit, and the fun is endless! For some tips on how you can put together your own fondue party, check out my post about How To Throw A Perfect Fondue Party.

Snow prints

Photo by Byron Carr

5. Embrace the Cold

We can’t ignore the fact that it is winter (even though we really really want to!) so if you live somewhere that gets particularly snowy be thankful that the cold has a purpose – there is a winter wonderland outside your door! Go skiing or snowboarding, have a snowball fight with your friends, or just go outside and build a snowman. By embracing the cold, it means that when you come back inside and warm up with a  hot chocolate and a warm meal, everything will be twice as cosy!

So there you have it, five ways you can still entertain your guests while it’s cold outside!  So rug up my dear readers, because winter isn’t just coming, it’s here!

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