4 Pop Culture Parties That Changed The Face of Entertaining

I love movies and TV shows and celebrities and entertainment. It’s addicting, and it’s fast-moving trends of popular culture effect the things we do, say and wear, no matter what people try and tell you differently. There are so many things that effect what are popular and trending in the event world – from fashion seen on runway shows to glitzy and glamorous themes showcased in movies and TV shows (How many Great Gatsby parties have you been to since the Leo DiCaprio movie came out? Answer me honestly, because I have seen and heard of hundreds of them!).

In these heart-stopping popular movies, novels and entertainment, there have been a few parties, events or celebrations that have proved to be almost the reason for watching, for biting your nails over and for waiting anxiously every week over. These events can change everything, and here are a few of them that have and why:


The Red Wedding, Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular novel series and TV shows in circulation today and anyone who was up to date on the show would know what I mean when I mention the Red Wedding – an event that changed the overall game over the Iron Throne, and sent the mythical lands created by George R.R. Martin into chaos, despite George’s renowned penchant for killing off general landmark characters.

Whilst the Red Wedding itself is not a particularly attractive affair, or has any real decorations or notable invitations or menu items, and while you would be hard-pressed to find anyone willing to recreate this event, the effects of this wedding goes down as one of the most notable events in the history of pop culture, as well as one of the boldest, cruellest and bloodiest surprise ever. It changed the face of entertaining because it changed the reason that you entertained – turning a celebration into a destructive purpose. The Red Wedding even pales the events of The Purple Wedding, which is an event that follows shortly after and one that everyone macabrely enjoys.


Gatsby’s Parties, The Great Gatsby

As I mentioned previously, I have never seen more 1920’s themed Great Gatsby parties than I have since the release of Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby McGuire’s 2013 film, dripping in the glitz and glamour that generally falls off a Baz Luhrmann piece. Despite being a popular novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and with a few other films and similar pop culture pieces being born from this party-hard romantic mystery man, the 2013 movie has changed the way you throw a party – basically because everyone will attend a 1920’s themed Gatsby event (where before you may have had difficulty securing RSVP’s).

Everyone wants to wear a glittering headpiece and listen to swinging jazz – Hell, I rang in New Years Ever 2014/15 at one. It’s fabulous, it’s popular and – if my general statistics from those who read my blog are any indication to go by – it’s never going away. You might as well jump on board and down a martini because The Great Gatsby movie of 2013 changed the face of entertaining by setting a high, glitzy standard for future soirees.

Warning: This video contains bad language and drug use

The Bachelors Party, The Hangover

There is a reason that the first Hangover movie was extremely popular and that reasoning is not behind it’s stars of Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifinakis and Justin Bartha. It was behind it’s setting – Vegas! They say that “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” because it is one of the most legendary party towns in the world, where debauchery, hedonism and excessive gambling runs wild. Yes, the movie itself is based on the hangover of the day afterwards, which considering how dead they look and horrible they feel is not a deterrent to every person who ever watched the movie to think “I want to go to that”.

Because of the popularity and hilarity of The Hangover a whole slew of hangover movies were released (Project X, 21 and Over etc.) and suddenly it became cool to go to Vegas and forget what you did the night before. It didn’t just change the face of entertaining, it changed the way you partied so that you partied harder then ever before.


The Mad Hatters Tea Party, Alice In Wonderland

No matter which version you want to go with (the eerily macabre Tim Burton version, the one envisioned in the classic novel or the squeaky clean Disney version) the Mad Hatters Tea Party sparked your imagination for a crazy party theme well before Gatsby ever did. Complete lunacy was served in teacups, with mix-matched tableware and decorations on display and with a demand to change seats often amongst the guests the madness that ensured at this party was something that could be thrown together as some good clean family fun.

The Mad Hatters Tea Party changed the face of entertaining because it changed the way people think they have to behave, and the way that they think they have to host certain events. Placing a Mad Hatter spin on a tea party ensures everyone has a creative and fun time and it means that you can do thinks that are outside normalcy, yet still completely acceptable. It also changed the way you decorated a party because gone are the kitchen teas that require matching pink and white everything. Go mad and put whatever you love together to make a unique event because we’re all mad here…

So there you have it – four very different parties and events from four very different forms of pop culture and how, through the power of an event, the way we celebrate and why we celebrate have become completely changed and turned into something unique. Tell me if there are any parties that you feel should go down in event-changing history and why! I’d love to hear it in the comments section below.

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