The People Behind The Party: Decorative Events and Exhibitions

When I first got started in the event planning industry I was absolutely blown away with the amazingly talented stylists, planners and businesses that created dream events from an idea, but the company that inspired and thrilled me the most was Decorative Events and Exhibitions, a multi-award winning company that featured everything you could possibly need (Event Decorator, Wedding Decorator, Event Stylists, Event Hire and Custom Exhibition Designs) under one roof.

Working in Sydney Australia, these innovative and unique styling and décor ideas have been used at gala dinners and events, boutique and world-class exhibitions and a range of fabulous weddings. Decorative Events and Exhibitions have taken the word “decoration” to the next level with their jaw-dropping detailed work with themed events such as Miami Glamour, Alice in Wonderland, Aztec Arizona, Art Deco Jazz, Indiana Jones, Out of Africa, Diamonds and Pearls, Decadence, Sirens and Sailors Saloon, Industrial Chic and so much more!

I was lucky enough to chat with Tegan and the amazing wedding team to find out a little bit more about this outstanding company and it’s stamp on the events industry.

  Decorative  Decoratuve Events

Tell us a bit about yourself & what Decorative Events and Exhibitions does for the events industry?

The Wedding team at Decorative Events and Exhibitions have worked together for many years across the Wedding industry and now come together to create beautiful Events. Combining ten years’ experience including Wedding Gowns, Wedding Coordination, Event Management and Wedding Styling, the team at DE know the Wedding industry inside out and are leaders in their field.

The team pride themselves on listening to the Bride and Groom first and then creating beautiful Weddings based on what the couple wants and dreams for their big day. No matter how big or small the Wedding may be, the Wedding team treat each couple with the same level of care and the most important thing is to make sure they are happy on their big day!

Cockatoo Island

What is your favourite part about putting an event together?

The best part is meeting with the couple from initial consultation, grasping the brides and grooms individual style and then working together over the next 6-12 months to create their dream Wedding.

A storyboard is one thing but then to go on site moths later with a hands on approach and see the end result is what makes it all worth it.

What has been your favourite project to date and why?

It is almost impossible to select a favourite because no matter how big or small , each Wedding is so different. We love Weddings that involve custom production and build because a particular item is created exclusively for the Bride and Groom. For example, one Bride asked to have a photo of her dog printed on a cushion because the venue would not allow pets on site.

Another couple asked to have a hanging clouds made because they wanted to bring the outside in and were inspired by a recent music video. We love Weddings that are different and non-traditional because it allows up to be more creative as a team.

Miami Glamour

What inspires you?

All things natural including texture and colour.

When you work in styling, you start to notice things differently. The local coffee shop might have a really cool light hanging from the ceiling that inspires us to create an Industrial feel for our next design, while the restaurant we visit for dinner might have a menu that inspires us for our next wall feature pattern. A simple flower might give us a great colour pallet idea and perhaps a magazine might have an image that jumps out.

Of course, we keep up to date with Instagram and Pinterest however looking around at the things in front of us are usually more inspiring!

If you are in the market for the best party, wedding or event of your life, then I would definitely recommend Decorative Events and Exhibitions to put it together for you. You will be, without a doubt, the talk of the town with these lovely people behind you and are guaranteed the best themed party of your life! Get in contact with them via their website and check out the full magnificence for yourself.

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