5 Ways To Use Hexagons

There are a lot of different trends blowing up right now, but none more so than the Hexagon, or what I like to refer to as the “honeycomb” for it’s classic honeycomb style appearance. Popping up everywhere as the pattern to be, the Hexagon is taking the geometric trend from three sides to six sides and moving industrial chic into a more lightweight décor piece. Here are five different ways that you can include this new “it” feature into your next party.

Hexagon Mirrors

Photo from Fantastic Frank

Reflect It!

Hexagon shaped mirrors are lining the walls nowadays, and you can use this handy stick-on décor pieces (which you can get from iKea by the way) to create any hexagon based shape you would like! Generally brushed with metals such as gold or bronze, or completely reflective mirror or black glass, you could line these mirrors on the wall behind your dessert table, or use them to add an extra element to your walkway, kitchen, or even in the bathroom. They make great touch up mirrors at your party!

Hexagon Background

Photo by Allison Andres from A Practical Wedding.

Use It As A Photo Booth Backdrop

I’ve put this note separately from the Hexagon mirrors because using mirrors don’t necessarily make the best photo booth backdrops. They tend to reflect the camera and the cameraman (especially in open air photo booths) and ruin the whole idea. Instead, you can cut out hexagon shaped geometrical patterns from different kinds of cardboard, glitter, and even honeycomb lanterns and stick them up as a photo booth background instead. You can do a similar project using boxes like they did at A Practical Wedding so check out their website for their amazing tutorial on how you can do a similar effect in your own home.

Honeycomb Cookie

Photo by Sarah Rhodes from A Beautiful Mess

Eat it!

As I mentioned earlier, hexagon’s are a classic symbol for honeycomb, so they would make an excellent addition to a Bee or Honey themed party – not just as a decoration, but as something to eat. If you have a hexagon cookie cutter, or anything similar, the world is your honeycomb, and you can follow the delicious sounding recipe for Honeycomb Cookies on the blog A Beautiful Mess. You could also channel more of a soccer ball theme like they did at Amy Atlas Events and make hexagon shaped lollipops and cupcakes! Yum!


Photo from ItsPartyParty

Use Hexagon Shaped Products

If you are putting together a dessert table for your party, then you are going to need a series of different platters, plates, cups, saucers etc in order to serve your food on. If you are keen to introduce the hexagon pattern into your party, but don’t want to go too OTT by serving hexagon shaped food, or using hexagon decorations, then you can always use hexagon serving wear You can get yourself hexagon shaped platters or plates like the above awesome plates available from ItsPartyParty, or even just get plates and platters that have the hexagon print on them. Simple, yet oh so stylish and on trend!


Photo by Idieh Designs

Use Hexagon Stationary

The beauty regarding the hexagon is that it is a wonderful pattern that can be used on just about anything, and in a combination of styles and sizes. Using the hexagon pattern on your event stationary such as invitations, dessert table labels, RSVP cards and gift tag labels means that you can be as bold, diverse or decorative as you would like, and sets the tone for a hexagon themed party. Even if you use any of the décor elements in this list, it’s good to make sure that the stationary matches as well, so use a similar style pattern on the stationary as you will be using around your venue and on your dessert table.

So there you have it, five wonderful ways that you can incorporate the Hexagon or Honeycomb pattern and shape into your next party. Let me know if you use any of these ideas by leaving a comment or photo in the section below (labelled “Party Over Here”) and look out for next month’s “5 ways to use” feature where I will be focusing on the different ways you can incorporate fire into your next event! Enjoy!

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