Party Round Up – June

Buddy and Lucy

Photo by Byron Carr

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone for it to be June already! Winter is well and truly here and life is in a projection stage as I put together the pieces of the puzzle that is my future! I’ve been working hard on The Party Connection’s special projects and am keen to let you all in my special secrets, but you will just have to wait with baited breath! Besides, I have to keep busy on these cold winter nights in some way – especially while all my friends and relations are heading off to chase a summer in places like Europe and the Caribbean, my husband and I are waiting patiently for our turn to head to Peru, Chile and Bolivia in November (That’s right! Holidays!!).

While I’ve been busy with my special projects, there have continued to be more challenges throughout our lives – some for the good, and some for the bad, and some in between. One of these good things was my mother in-law got a new puppy named Lucy, pictured above having a terrific play session with our very own Buddy. Other then that, to help get through some more of the darker times, there have been a few great posts that have helped to light up my life right now, and I am sure they will do the same for you!

Party Round Up:


Other Articles:

  • Consent is an important topic, but some people find it hard to get their head around. This amazingly simple video about likening sexual consent to drinking tea is a great way to say that no means no and should be watched by everyone.
  • Buzzfeed perfectly summed up every woman’s reaction to Matthew Lewis (AKA. Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movies) in his new spread for Attitude magazine – and the perfect Twitter exchange that occurred between him and J.K Rowling, who was downright motherly in telling him to “Put on some clothes”
  • A lady with almost 100 fears of the world has decided to document her travels to face her fears and get to living her ultimate life. Is this something you would do? Do you have that many fears and can you face them? Let me know!
  • My husband sent me these beautiful artworks by a Korean artist who depicts what real love looks like, and it was so amazingly on point that I wanted to cry. It is honestly one of the most beautiful things I have seen for awhile, and you need to have a look!
  • While I am on the subject of what real love looks like, it definitely looks like this video from Buzzfeed yellow:


  •  I’m not a huge Taylor Swift fan, but I can’t get her new tune Bad Blood out of my head!


  • Same with Iwan Rheon’s tune Bang Bang! Love the confetti gun!


  • And finally, this interview with new favourite rock star Halsey by Nasty Gal is super expressive and fun! I love how she has identified her music as being the colour blue because she is so electric. I think it’s a great take on life! Have you heard her single Ghost yet? Because you should definitely check it out here below:

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