DIY Events: An Under The Sea Party with Jayne Barton Overett

Over the past couple of months I have been featuring the wonderful event styling’s of Jayne Barton Overett and the amazing unique parties that have been thrown in honour of her beautiful children. This month’s post is for the readers of the Northern Hemisphere, who are currently lapping it up in the sun and hitting the beach for summer while I freeze down here in the midst of an Australian winter. It’s time to go Under The Sea!

Denvers Ofishal first birthday

Thrown for one year old son Denver (who was dressed as an octopus in striped leggings that had 6 other identical pool noodle filled legs attached to his real legs, as well as an adorable matching beanie and swimming top) this OFISHAL 1st birthday party was filled with wonderful underwater adventure decorations and delicious morsels to eat! Utilising a previous cardboard decoration that had been a garbage truck, a tow truck and a fire truck, a large submarine was painted blue with cut out portholes and had a large pipe painted blue and stuck in the middle of it to create a periscope.

You can’t get more nautical than blue and white bunting, so Jayne found some wonderful ready made blue bunting flags that she stuck to the periscope and put throughout the garden to tie all the decorational elements together. Blue plastic disposable tablecloths covered the party tables and were hung as backdrops to create water complete with light and dark blue streamers, as well as silver patty pans to create barnacles.

Jayne and Denver

Guests, who were dressed for the sea in their swimmers, took part in fun activities such as going “fishing” in a kiddie pool filled with plastic fish and starfish, and throwing hand made flying fish (fish shaped bean bags with long ribbons for the tails) into a large painted shark with a tooth mouth to “feed” the shark. What a fun game! An inflatable waterslide had been set up for the kids, and a craft table was put together for kids to decorate their own cardboard fish and sea creatures to take home. Speaking of taking home, Jayne even set up little tin pails with sea themed felt stickers and filled them with sea creature lollies and some small toys for guests as a thank you gift. Cute!

Don't forget your clams!

Jayne turned the ever trusty Pinterest when it came to ideas for the food, but when with a series of different types of foods from different similar themed parties (such as a mermaid party, a sea animals party, a beach party, a bubble party etc.). One of these brilliant ideas was making clam cookies, which were basic oval shortbread cookies with a line drawn on top with a fork before baking, than stuck together with pink frosting and a ball shaped mint placed in the middle of each to look like a pearl. It was a simple yet very effective idea.


Jayne also put together some octopops, which was created by piping 8 candy melt legs in a star formation onto some baking paper, dipping a marshmallow in the same colour candy melt (a pinky salmon colour was used for this party) and then placed on top of the piped legs with a lollipop or cookie stick inserted into the top. Use sprinkles on top of the marshmallow coat for added decorations and then pipe two eyes onto the marshmallow with white and black frosting (or writable icing) once the candy melt has set. Then gently peel them off the baking paper and use finely crushed cookies as a base to put them on to make it look like your octopi are sitting on a bed of sand.

French Fries

Another adorable idea for a savoury lunch food is to serve mini fish nuggets and French fry chips in cupcake wrappers or ice cream scoop holders. Jayne also made shark infested waters by creating a big tub of blue jelly that had shark lollies and crushed cookies to play the sand infused in the mixture. It was apparently quite a communal delight!

Octopus Capsicum

Some more food served at this wonderfully watery party was also a capsicum that was cut to look like an octopus sitting in a tub of hummus (very sand coloured indeed!) served with crackers, as well as lollies and crackers that were fish shaped and sour worms that could be served as “fish bait!” There were also colourful cupcakes that were decorated with lollies to look like rainbow fish.

Drinks Table

As a wonderful addition to the drinks and food table, Jayne also put together a delightful display to sit next to the ice blue drinks dispenser that consisted of an adorable and extremely unique aqua blue seahorse from Jayne’s own past, as well wooden blue sticks and coloured tinsel to create the idea of an underwater reef.

All in all, Denver’s first birthday turned out to be a delightful themed party that the guests all had a wonderful time and really felt like they were on an underwater adventure. Jayne truly out did herself with this wonderful event, and I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with! Keep your eyes glued to the blog for the next world that she artfully designs!

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