Party Themed Songs

We all have those songs that get us pumped to party – the ones we play as we dance around the bathroom putting on our make up before a night on the town, the ones that make us hold our glasses up and say “this is MY song!” and hell, even the tunes that cause us to dance around the kitchen while we are making pasta.  These are the songs that are guaranteed to put us in a party mood.

No matter your taste (Surprisingly, I am a bit of a love metal kind of girl) there are tunes for everyone, and unfortunately while I can’t relay all your favourite party tunes, I thought I would put together a list of super fun hits that have a running party theme. Let me know what you think of these tracks, and if you ever get your party on when you hear it! Be warned though, some of this tracks may feature bad language or adult themes.


Hope that got your party started!  Let me know as well if you have any tunes that gets you going, and what you might want to hear next in the comment section below.

Cover photo by Kim

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