DIY Cake Bunting

DIY Cake bunting

There are some great ways out there to adorn your wedding or birthday cake and can range from everything to bespoke cake topper figurines, glittering letters that spell out a special message, or even something as unique as balloon animals or flowers. One of my favourite ways to adorn a cake is by creating your own mini bunting flags that spells out a special message to your guest of honour – mostly because it involves bunting, which is one of my most favourite of things!

Making mini bunting to decorate your cake is actually a very easy DIY project, and one that can be done to any colour, style or theme depending on the party. Here is a way that you can make your very own mini cake bunting.

Elements Needed:

Coloured or textured cardboard for the flags

Scissors, Black or coloured marker, tape or glue

Matching coloured Bakers Twine

BBQ Skewers

A delicious cake to put it on!


1. Tie one end of the Bakers Twine to a BBQ skewer. You can keep the thread hanging if you wish, or cut it off to your desired length.

2. Measure out the length of Bakers Twine you need to support your bunting letters, and tie the other end of the Bakers Twine to the other BBQ skewer, cutting off the desired “leftover length” accordingly with the first skewer.

3. Next, create your bunting. Use the scissors to cut the appropriate shapes into either diamonds or triangular pieces (you can determine which shape by how you are going to piece it together in step 4) and write your message on the flags that will be presented to your party. You could also print onto the cardboard as well if you don’t want to use a handwritten calligraphy message.

4. Now you need to put your bunting together, and you can do this two ways depending on the shape of the bunting you cut – the first way is by cutting each piece of cardboard into a basic diamond shape and then folding it over in the middle, creating the bunting. You then hang the shape over the Bakers Twine and glue the pieces together again, meaning the twine is thread through each shape. The second way you can create your bunting is that you can also simply cut out a triangular flag and use the tape to secure it to the twine, meaning that the twine runs through the back of the flag.

I highly recommend the first step, as it sits neater this way, but its really depends on your time, preference and how the cake is going to be presented (If the back of the cake will be facing a wall, you won’t need to worry so much about the back of the bunting because no one will see the back anyway!)

4. Once your message is secure, stand it up and make sure the bunting message hangs appropriately and sits where you want it to sit. Get your delicious cake that you have already made and iced, and stick the bunting in to where you want it to stand for display. Set it up on the cake table and get ready for people to “ooh!” and “aah!” over your delicious DIY cake bunting message. Hooray!

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