Guest Post: How To Create A Party Kit by Soraya Pearl Jolly

I met a wonderful lady while at The Blogcademy in 2013 named Soraya Pearl Jolly, who runs a lifestyle blog called Pretty Mayhem. Soraya-Pearl Jolly is a French girl living in Melbourne with a passion for entertaining, travelling, and all things pretty. She recently released her first e-book ‘The No Stress Hostess’ which is all about stress-free entertaining. I’ve asked Pearl to take you lovely readers on a journey into her wonderful new eBook with her chapter “How to build a party kit” – an extremely important element when looking to start entertaining. Take a look, and take notes, and take it away Soraya!

How To Create A Party Kit Header

 Photos by Soraya Pearl Jolly from Pretty Mayhem

Although there’s nothing wrong with simply serving bags of chips and canned beer at a party, I think we can all agree that it’s not the stuff of party dreams. Food and drink presentation plays a huge part in creating the right mood for an event and thankfully it doesn’t take much to raise your party from ‘casual drinks’ to ‘fabulous soirée’. All you need to do is to acquire a few key pieces which you’ll then be able to re-use at each of your future gatherings. You can then slowly build on that base collection over time. Also, just because you need to invest in a few party pieces doesn’t mean that you should spend hundreds of dollars doing so. There are many places where you can buy affordable, good quality stuff these days such as:

* Thrift stores (charity shops) (i.e. Salvation Army stores)

* Vintage stores

* Garage sales

* Flea markets

* Big mainstream stores (i.e. Ikea, Target, and Kmart)

* Auction websites (i.e. Ebay)

* Discount & Party stores

party kit 1

Photos by Soraya Pearl Jolly from Pretty Mayhem

You can also rent out items of course (especially for large gatherings) but if you’re planning on hosting many parties in the future then it might be cheaper to build your own party kit. Here’s a list of suggested items for the ultimate at home party kit:

For the kitchen:

  • Mini muffin tin
  • Piping/ Pastry Bag
  • Frying pan

To serve food:

  • 2-3 Platters, in various shapes and sizes
  • 2-3 Serving bowls in different sizes
  • 3 Small dipping bowls
  • 8 side plates
  • Pretty cocktail napkins
  • Cocktail skewers
  • Cutlery
  • Optional: chopsticks, Chinese spoons, salad bowl and utensils, coffee cups, side plates
  • Disposable plates/ glasses/ cutlery are also a handy option for big parties, albeit less eco-friendly.

For the atmosphere:

  • Candles in various sizes
  • Cardboard paper in various colors
  • String lights
  • A good sound system

For the bar:

  • 6 Hi ball glasses
  • 6 Standard wine glasses
  • 6 Champagne glasses
  • 6 Martini glasses
  • Blender
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Zester
  • Muddler
  • Water pitcher
  • Coasters
  • Ice bucket
  • Paper straws
  • Wine bottle opener
  • Wine charms
  • Optional: liqueur glasses, old fashioned glasses, shot glasses


  • Birthday Candles
  • Confetti
  • Tablecloth
  • Streamers
  • Sparklers
  • Balloons

Do you have a party kit or party closet at home? What are some of your must-have party items?

If you are keen to read more, head to Soraya’s website Pretty Mayhem and get yourself a copy of her eBook ‘The No Stress Hostess’. I got myself a copy and it’s a great read with some great ideas on planning a wonderful celebration. Let me know if you put together your own party kit together and what you might put in it? Leave your comments in the section below, and thank you Soraya so much for your amazing words of wisdom and agreeing to guest post for The Party Connection. It’s been a joy having you!

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