Party Round Up – May

Aerial LoveCheck me out ladies and gents!!! One of many New Years Resolutions was to learn a brand new skill, and one of the skills I decided to try was aerial acrobatics. Thanks to Carousel Arts in Canberra, I can now climb up the aerial tissue 4 – 5 times, create a whole series of shapes and can now go upside down! I’m super proud of the achievements and work that has gotten me to this level and I already feel stronger and more in control then ever before, so I just wanted to share this with you! 🙂

So while I am hanging upside down, check out some of the other things that have had my heart racing this month:

Party Round Up:


  •  Holy Tuiledo Batman, check out this awesome video about making a Zebra cake using three different kinds of cake batter. No way would I be able to do this! Hats off to her for this stellar result!


Other Articles:

  • If you want a new blog to follow (as well as mine of course!) that is a complete and utter feast to your senses, then check out Two Pink Houses for some hyper-coloured, well-designed fashion madness! I guarantee you that it’s every Pinterest lovers dream!
  • Cats of Tumblr are sure to appease any cat fan!
  • If you didn’t see Veronica and Lewis from Triple J host their own lawn gnome themed garden show then you are seriously missing out. I love that they made it Lawn Gnome themed – of course you would!
  • How crazy is it hearing about all the earthquakes and avalanches that are happening in Nepal? Check out this amazing article by Larissa Browning recently featured on The People Behind The Party – recount the time she was there during one of these natural disasters!
  • Are you watching Game of Thrones right now? Well I’m about to go on a bit of a Game of Thrones tangent so this one is for you! If you are watching, you’re probably hating on Ramsey Snow – the bastard of Lord Bolton who is currently terrorising both the North and poor Sansa Stark. But what you may not know is that the character who plays him, Iwan Rheon, is one of my favourite actors next to Anton Yelchin! He has totally proven his acting chops by switching from reserved staring shy guy to loveable superhero as Simon in the hella awesome TV show Misfits (Alicia and Simon forever y’all!) and the fact that he can now smile and cause you to break out into goosebumps in a bad way is proof that Iwan is where it’s at! He’s a character I just can’t hate, because Iwan is so awesome, and Buzzfeed has compiled a lovely list as to exactly why he is amazeballs. And if you haven’t watched Misfits then you need to GET ON IT NOW!
  • While you are at it, you also need to check out the amazing Sesame Street version of Game of Thrones and pick up on all of their not so subtle clues that let you know the Sesame Street creators are big fans. I love how the Rob Stark puppet said he wanted to hurry up the game because he “had a wedding to go to”. Jokes! You don’t want to go to that wedding.


  • And to follow on with the Game of Thrones vibe, just because it’s a delight to have it back on our screens, check out the Game of Thrones version of the Melbourne Train Authority’s “Dumb Ways to Die” ad. If you haven’t seen the origin al (or played the game) I suggest you do so after watching this! I promise it will be stuck in your head forever.

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