5 Awesome Parties You Wished You Were Invited To

I am currently reading a fabulous book called A Curious Invitation by a woman named Suzette Field, a London based event planner and writer who hosts amazing soirees based on parties that stem from literature. Her novel discusses the 40 greatest parties in literature and details party planning information for each one including the venue, the menu and drinks served, the guests invited and the hosts, as well as the outcome and the legacy of each work. It is an intensely fascinating read, and details a variety of different parties from many different classic writings, including The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass, The Fellowship of the Ring by J. R. R. Tolkein, The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe and even the Book of Daniel from the Bible.

Completely inspired by this book, and taking into account my love of movies and the entertainment industry, I thought I would do something similar for my readers, but focus on the greatest parties that are featured in movies. I will try and avoid movies and works that are a bit too obvious (Such as House Party, National Lampoon’s classic toga party and Animal House) as well as to avoid parties that I have already mentioned in my similar posts such as 8 Awesome Movie Themed Parties, Top 8 TV Show Themed Parties and 8 Book Themed Parties. Besides, this is about the party within the movie, not a party based on the general theme of the overall movie.

Go to 2.48 for the hilarity

Peters Sellers in The Party

This movie is hilarious, and centred on a high-class Hollywood soiree where an accident prone Indian actor (Peter Sellers) accidentally gets invited to the lavish dinner party. The effects of Peter Sellers improvised comedy leads you from one misadventure to another until eventually the entire boutique Hollywood home is filled with mass amounts of soap bubbles, hippies bringing in their protesting elephant, and fashionably dressed guests falling off balconies and into soap filled swimming pools.

Sixteen Candles

I personally think that Sixteen Candles in the best John Hughes film made – It has Molly Ringwald, a swoon-worthy love interest and one mammoth party! Samantha (Ringwald) spends her birthday pining that everyone forgot about her in favour of her selfish sisters wedding and all she wants to do is be with hunky Jake Ryan, who surprisingly is very interested in her. When Jake’s social climbing soon-to-be ex girlfriend decides to invite the whole school around to Jake’s unparented house for an epic party, chaos ensues complete with teen drinking (and driving!) toilet papering of the house and even encasing “The Nerd” Anthony Michael Hall in a glass prision. You can’t help but feel for Jake and the mess he has to clean up before his parents get home (to be fair, he isn’t really that phased by the fact that there is pizza in the stereo) but damn do you want to attend that party!

Warning: This video contains bag language and drug use

Get Him To The Greek

The Get Him To The Greek party is legend-wait for it – dary and features a straight laced music exec by the way of Jonah Hill baby-sitting and uncovering the hidden depths in which his charge – the party hard rockstar Russell Brand – likes to party. And that’s a lot. Throughout the show you get to see many upon many of parties and drugs taken, but nothing beats the “Jeffrey” party, in which Jonah Hill has too much of the going party favour, freaks out and is told to “stroke the furry walls” before being pumped with adrenaline and wrecking havoc on the party. I highly recommend not recreating this party though, as you will find it bad for your health and your general well-being. It’s probably better to just watch Jonah Hill and Russell Brand do it and then wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and not apocalyptically hungover.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Audrey Hepburn’s star power brought you Breakfast at Tiffany’s the story of a mess of a social climber who befriends her neighbour and an author in the middle of her Manhattan building. It’s not long before Holly Golightly’s powers of persuasion see her hosting a socialite filled gathering in her apartment in an attempt to get another foot up the rung of the ladder, and her befriended neighbour becomes increasingly more drawn to her charms. While this party isn’t to the kind of 1920’s rocking jazz scale that you might find at a Great Gatsby party, it’s tight squeeze of a venue ensures intimate conversations and fun that is literally filled to the brim. Anyone who is anyone is at Holly’s.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

It’s a crazy movie, and it’s general satirical plotline and carnivalesque atmosphere created a fun, frivolous world that you wanted to be apart of – even daring to don some sky high platform heels to do so. Even if making out with drag queens and being sexually promiscuous isn’t your general foray, you were definitely keen to do the Time Warp with the other Transylvanians and laugh applaud as Dr. Frank N. Furter revealed his latest creation. It’s a great overall theme for a party, and a very popular one at that, so why wouldn’t you want to immerse yourself in this dark yet glamorous world and pout sexily at not having actually secured an invitation?

So there you have it – five parties that were featured in movies that you wish you were invited to. Stay tuned for my next feature about 5 parties that were featured in TV shows that you wished you were invited to, and if you get the chance then you should check out Suzette Field’s A Curious Invitation. It is honestly a very interesting and creative read!

Disclaimer: I do not recommend the re-creation of any of these parties, nor do I endorse the use of drugs, irresponsible or underage drinking, drink-driving, or causing destruction to property and persons. Please read this list as a way to re-live and re-enjoy these party scenes in popular Hollywood entertainment movies without causing harm to yourself and others. I take no responsibility if any of these party scenes are re-created in any way and for any harm, destruction or any of the above mentioned occur during any party re-creations.

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