Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

One of the biggest regrets I have about my wedding is not making more of a big deal about asking my girlfriends to be apart of my bridal party. I not only ruined my chances of making it special (I think at one point I asked my friend in passing on the way out of the supermarket!) I also ruined my husband’s chance of making a special when he was inviting his guy friends to be apart of the grooms party. I won’t get in to how I did that, but I can say “Ladies! Don’t assume that he is just going to casually mention it over a beer.” I’m an impatient person and will tell it like it is to get it out there in the world, which means acting first and thinking about it later. It’s not practical, especially when it really should be a big deal. You are asking your close friends to be apart of something special, and it should be treated as such.

So I am here to help you learn from my mistakes! I have put together a handy little guide flush with five different ways that you can ask your girls to stand up with you when you say “I do!”123

1. Host a Bridesmaids Brunch

In this day and age (and if you’re like me!) parties and events are everything! Why not throw an intimate brunch for all of your best girlfriends that you plan on asking to be your bridesmaids, and surprise them around a table with delicious delicacies, vases of fresh floral blooms and girly treats that you all love? It will let you get another party in (but honey – it’s for the wedding!) and will show your bridesmaids just how special they are to you.

1Lime and Coconut Themed Wedding

Photo by Nora Devai Photography

2. Give Them A Bridesmaid Gift

On your wedding day you are likely to splurge a bit on a bridesmaids and give a gift to your girls, and whether it’s a piece of jewellery you would like them to wear to compliment their dresses or a special keepsake all their own, why wait until the big day to show your girls some love and give it to them? It’s a great idea to give your special gift to them in a beautifully wrapped tissue paper filled box with a note attached saying, ” Will you be my bridesmaid?” You can then tell them that they can choose their bridesmaids dresses, as long as it matches this piece of jewellery or accessory. That way, you’ve given them the deets they need to know to start the preparations, as well as given them a beautiful keepsake at the same time.


3. Give Them A Bridesmaids Emergency Box

This is similar to the idea of giving your bridesmaid to be a piece of jewellery or an accessory for them to use at the wedding, but is probably going to be very practical for them in day to day life – not just for the wedding. Fill an ornate box full of all the things a bridesmaid could possibly want – nail polish, bridesmaid dress ideas, tissues, safety pins, gum, a lighter, lollies, a keepsake or a memory that means a lot to you both, and Hell, even Bridesmaids on DVD. Stick a note or decorate the inside of the box to read a funny poem or quip about wanting them to be your bridesmaid (“Will you do me the honour of holding my dress while I pee?”) and to bring this box on the big day.

We Are Origami

Photo by We Are Origami Photography

4. Bake Her A Cupcake

Who could say no to a cupcake? And who could honestly say no to a bridesmaid proposal if it is in cupcake form? Granted, she won’t say no to you anyway, but if you want to make her a special treat you could make it decorated to match an engagement ring setting, a wedding dress, or even put it in a  little box full of edible confetti and a note requesting her presence on your day. It will end up being the sweetest question  ever asked!


5. Give Her A Card

Yes, it’s plain but if you don’t have the cash to splash and you still want to make it special, go out for your regular lunch date and give her this adorable card. There are hundreds of hilarious and sentimental sayings that you can put on the card so it won’t even be boring, but giving them something to hold onto will make it all the more worth it.

So don’t be like me and ruin your chances on creating a special and memorable moment that you will both cherish forever. Get one of these awesome ideas and run with it – you will be glad that you did!

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