Party Round Up – April

Fire and Ice

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and a wonderful month! My husband and I spent Easter in the company of our loved ones because my brother came up to visit us from Melbourne (I never see him!) and we also went down to visit Byron’s little sister Kaela and walk for her float in the annual Blessing of the Fleet parade. If you haven’t checked out the awesome Fire and Ice Float that Byron’s mother put together (which would make an excellent theme and decorational idea for a party!) check it on the blog from earlier in the month.

So while I celebrated these events, as well as my father’s birthday (Happy birthday for the 8th April dad!) and Anzac Day, I was also immersed in some pretty amazing and inspiring events for this month. Check them out below:

Party Round Up:

Other Articles:

  • Instagram is blowing up as the marketing tool of choice right now, so check out this awesome guide from the Social Media Examiner on How to Improve your Instagram Marketing. If you think you could benefit of putting these tips into action and you happen to live in California, check out Studio DIY’s Can’t Crop This Instagram Marketing class. I would definitely go if I were in California – tell me about it if you do on
  • I’ve recently discovered the amazing DIY YouTube Channel Man Vs. Pin, where a fun-loving guy takes on many of the seemingly impossible DIY projects that dominate Pintrest. Here are some of my favourite DIY projects that I kind of feel like taking on myself – what do you reckon guys? Should I give it a try?

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