5 Photo Booth Necessities

Courtesy of Rock N Roll Bride 

Photo booths are one of the coolest things you can have at a party. Friends and people you’ve just met jump into a crammed booth, wear a silly hat, and laugh their asses off as they make ridicules pose after ridicules pose. Well, in 2015 open-air photo booths are now all the rage, and you can have just as much fun without being crammed in a little box, with even more impressive backdrops and props to set the tone.

If you’re thinking about having a photo booth – or an open air photo booth – at your next event (and you definitely should!) here are a few of the essential items that are going to guarantee all of your guests a great time, and some epic shots!

Triple J Beat the Drum

Photo by Kane Hibberd

1. Light Box Signs

Gone are the days when you wrote one-syllable words on chalkboards and held them up to the camera – Light boxes have been making the rounds as a super popular way to incorporate your own messages into your photo without any mess. Change the message by inserting the black bold letters into the slot in the light box and switch it on for maximum photo opportunity. Easy, and super trendy! You can even pick up your own light box from stores like Typo for $15.95!

Streamers by Lovely IndeedPhoto from Lovely Indeed

2. Crazy and Colourful Backdrops

The beauty of an open air photo booth is that you have more space and opportunity to decorate the backdrop as uniquely and intricately as you want. You can use a cool exposed brick wall for industrial cool photos, stick streamers, balloons or pinwheels up behind you for a more whimsical look, and for a sophisticated or glitzy soiree you could hang beautiful sparkling sequin drapes that you can stand in front of. The more intricate and decorated the better! For some more great ideas for photo booth backdrops, check out Hooray!

30th Birthday

Photo by When Elephant Met Zebra as The Photo Booth Collective

3. Props

Taking photos can be posed and proper, but putting a photo booth together should be fun. You should always use a series of different props that can transform any fabulous party outfit into a fun get up to take photos in. These props can change from the kind of party that you are throwing, but things like wacky sunglasses, pineapples, giant lollipops, giant balloons with tassel garlands, piñatas complete with whacking sticks, and confetti all make wonderful props that will instantly turn your photo into fun. You can have your cut out templates, like I mention below, but 3D props give you something more to hold onto and interact with. When Elephant Met Zebra

Photo by When Elephant Met Zebra as The Photo Booth Collective

4.  Cut out templates on sticks

Where would we be without the ye old cut out templates of fake moustaches, pipes, cats eye glasses and top hats? You can get these photo booth cut outs in many different and unique varieties depending on the party you are throwing, and they are also really easy to make if you are feeling a little crafty! Simply draw your design on some sturdy cardboard, cut it out and stick a long wooden skewer to the end with tape. Simple, easy and fun for everyone!


Photo by When Elephant Met Zebra as The Photo Booth Collective

5.  Your friends!

Sure you can take an awesome photo by yourself, but what kind of photo would that be compared to the most super silliest one with your friends? Something about getting into frame with your pals, sticking your tongue out and putting on a silly hat makes for photo genius, and gives you something to look back on fondly to remember the good times. So while you can get your photo booth photo taken yourself, grab your pals and get them in on the action to have some awesome action shots!

If you have some awesome photo booth ideas, or photos in general, then send me some at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com, or leave them in the comments section below. The more hilarious and outrageous the better!

Now, strike a pose!

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