5 Ways To Use Bunnies!

Bunnies have swiftly become my favourite animals – mainly because my husband won’t let me get one as a pet (to be fair, my dog would love it too much). They are always associated with good luck (if I see any frolicking around I am going to have a good day) and I see them quite often around my day job. I don’t even care what people say about them being a pest, because they have cute floppy ears and are super furry, so bleh!

Because they are just so damned cute, bunny shaped objects tend to make for great decorations for high tea’s, kitchen teas, baby showers, Alice in Wonderland themed parties, Easter egg hunts, or any other sort of whimsical arrangements. Here are some delightful ways you can incorporate my favourite animal into your next party!


Photo by Milk and Cookies Party Designer

Cover them in grass

Many floral designers or speciality stores are now carrying an adorable trend of rabbit shaped foam sculptures that are covered in fake grass. It’s an interesting and unique idea that would look amazing as a small addition to the centrepiece on your dessert table or cocktail rounds at your baby shower, Easter or bunny themed event. The green in the grass means that the bunny shape is used in a more unique style and is a more versatile decoration to match any type of sub-theme or colour palette – such as vintage, floral, blue, yellow, garden, high tea, or pastel coloured Easter decorations.

Angela Rose Photography

Photo by Angela Rose Photography

Get a petting zoo!

Nothing says sweet like having real live bunnies at your event! Seeing Flopsy, Mopsy and Peter running around a beautiful grassy area while guests relax in floral prints is sure to invoke a whimsical feel and provide enjoyment and love to your guests. For adults and children alike a petting zoo is a great way to provide unique entertainment for your guests and show your softer side – and you don’t have to stick with just bunnies! You can get wonderful baby creatures in like goats, ducks and kittens, which would be perfect for a super sweet baby shower or Easter celebration!

Carrot Patch

Photo from Disney Family

Serve rabbit food

You don’t have to use a million images of bunnies to incorporate them in your theme – you can serve the type of food that bunnies would eat as well! This works perfectly for a health-conscious guest of honour, or a desire to provide some healthy snacks as an alternate to a red lolly and fizzy drink over load party. Bowls of hummus dips in terracotta pots with carrot “plants” growing out of them make for a delicious bunny approved treat, and bowls of beautiful crisp salads make for the perfect “rabbit food”. It’s healthy, delicious, and on point when it comes to theme!

Peter Rabbit

Use their image

With so much licenced merchandise like Peter Rabbit around, it’s hard not to find a cute drawing, beautifully designed invitation, or even things like cupcake toppers and merry-go-rounds with a bunny image on it. Troll through your classic purchasing stores online and find an image or get one designed that will work for your event. Then, use it everywhere for a not-so-subtle reminder that bunnies are the main event.

White Rabbit

Photo by Matt Root at World Red Eye

Be the Bunny!

We know you can dress like a sexy bunny for Halloween (or an Island of Doctor Moreau themed party!), and there are tons of costumes out there that include little white fluffy rabbit tales, bunny ears and rabbit accessories. You also don’t have to don the sexy costumes and can opt for a co-ordinating outfit to your bunny ears. The beautiful thing about dressing like a bunny, is that it’s an easy costume, and you can wear whatever you need to with bunny ears to make it work!

Well I hope you have enjoyed my second 5 Ways to Use… posts and have some wonderful ideas on how you can incorporate bunnies into your next event or Easter celebration. If you use any ideas, let me know by emailing me at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com or by leaving a message in the description below. Stayed tuned for another 5 Ways to Use post coming soon!

Until next time, catch those lucky bunnies!

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