3 Alternate Easter Baskets

At my family home we don’t have a lot of traditional Easter celebrations besides the general mass gathering at our local church, but one thing we do every year like clockwork is the chocolate Easter Egg Hunt – mainly because we all like chocolate so much. Every year my mother hides delicious and colourfully wrapped chocolate eggs all around the garden (and once threw a basket of them down a hill and then forced us to chase it in order to get our Easter delights) and then creates a kind of blood sport in which we all race to find the most eggs. At 24 (and with other participants ranging in age from 25 – 55) you would think we would be a bit more demure about finding chocolate Easter eggs that we can easily buy ourselves with our own hard-earned cash, but the lengths that we will all go to in order to devour the most chocolate in one day is quite scary.

The reason I am telling you all about my Easter traditions is that the Easter Egg Hunt is *usually* a whimsical, fun and extremely normal way to engage children and party guests into a delightful activity to earn their chocolate on Easter. One thing that I have noticed that gets a bit tired from being dragged out year after year from the 90’s is the classic straw basket that is sometimes decorated with a fake fluffy yellow chicken. With all these amazing crafty people out in the world, there is absolutely no reason you can’t make your own Easter basket, or find a more modern alternative to suit the occasion!  Here are 3 Easter Baskets that will bring your colourful Easter Egg hunt into the 21st Century.

Birds Nest

Photo by Kate’s Creative Space

1. Bird’s Nest

Eggs have a special place in Easter because they symbolise the rolling away of the stone at the tomb of Jesus. Whether you are religious or not, this tradition has blossomed into more than just a symbol, and now we eat our way through chocolate in the shape of eggs, or paint and decorate them. Because of the huge symbolism of eggs at Easter time, incorporating the element of birds into your Easter decorations is a natural progression. Create your Easter basket in the shape of a birds nest for your guests to collect their eggs in and you will have a beautiful and whimsical decoration to celebrate with – not to mention a perfect centrepiece for the table!

If you are interested in making your own, check out Kate’s Creative Space for a tutorial on how to build your own birds nest out of sticks or raffia, and fill it with delicious candy coated Easter eggs during your hunt. I love the idea of adding moss and real feathers to nest as well to give it an authentic look!

Tin PailPhoto from Simply Sweet Soirees

2. Tin Pail

Tin pail buckets are a very popular decoration for children’s parties as they are very versatile in their uses. You can use them as lollipop holders or centrepiece decoration stands, as well as the favour “bags” for guests to use and take home at the end of the party. They come in a variety of fun colours and designs, so they will always match your theme for your party or celebration no matter what, and they make a perfect Easter egg basket for your egg hunt. Give each of your guests a tin pail of a different colour so that they don’t forget which basket is theirs, and send them off on their merry way. Easy, reusable, and super trendy , you can get some tin pails of your own from Simply Sweet Soirees.


Photo from Good Housekeeping

3. Flower Pots

Another idea is garden themed and would fit right in with the nature inspired birds nest decorations and colourful eggs hiding in long green grass – terracotta flower pots! These au natural planters make a great basket for children and guests to tuck their chocolate spoils into, and like the tin pails they are also completely reusable after Easter – bonus!

So head down to your local garden or hardware store and stock up on some small terracotta planters – they also make great rabbit themed food servers, or even an adorable ramekin for scones or pies!

So there you have it – 3 interesting and different ways you can collect your eggs this Easter. Now if you excuse me, I better start warming up for a fight for our next Easter egg hunt. Let me know if you use any of these ideas in the comments section below!

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