Party Round Up: March


Photo by Byron Carr

Well 2015 sure is marching on and I started the first month of Autumn by visiting Canberra’s 2015 Enlighten festival, where we got to eat delicious creamy noodles at the Night Noodle Market (Seriously, I STILL dream of eating those noodles again and again – they were just that good!) and checked out some of Canberra’s top tourist attractions lit up from head to toe in neon colours. To feel the magic of this event, check out the photo above that my brilliant graphic designer and photographer husband took while on a wonderful night photography course at the same time. Pretty!

Three months into 2015 I’ve been to my first wedding of the year and have started gearing up for Easter in the next coming weeks, so look out for a few Easter Feasters on the way for you in the two weeks. I’ve been progressing in my aerial acrobatics classes, and am taking a 7km Military style obstacle course at the end of the week, which I am super excited about! With so many things to celebrate, it’s hard to just pinpoint a few that are on the radar, but I will do my best! Here are some of the things I’m loving this month:

Party Round Up:

Other Articles:

  • Check out the 25 Best Hair Styles for Game of Thrones and see if your favourites make the list. When it comes to the hairstyles and general awesomeness Deanerys Targaryen and Margaery Tyrell should be the top of every list – they are just too achingly amazing!
  • Did #TheDress drive you just as crazy as it did me? I *understand* why people see black and blue, but honestly I just don’t *get* why they see black and blue, because to me it could only be white and gold – even with the colour contrasting and the fact that some lady was wearing a black and blue version, IT CAN ONLY BE WHITE AND GOLD. Before I start rambling violently about it though, I want to show you The Dress domestic violence ad put together by The Salvation Army to stand up against violence against women. It turns the whole annoying concept and reasoning behind the stupid dress on it’s head, and actually gives it a purpose beyond annoying the crap out of everyone alive.
  • Zoolander 2 is coming, so Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson crashed the Valentino Fashion Week catwalk to do a little promo and the results were astounding. Brilliant marketing on their part!
  • President Obama is so cool – not only has he been featured in awesome projects like Humans of New York, he also was super stoked to be in a few Buzzfeed videos with some of our favourite Buzzfeed performers! (Seriously, Andrew – get with Ashley already! You’re killing us!)
  • To round it off with some super cuteness, you have to see this adorable Samoyed try and wake his daddy up! I wish my dog was this gentle!

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