5 Ways to Use Pineapples!

Pineapples are one of my favourite things. Not only are they fabulously tropical and taste super sweet, but I happen to have a pineapple tattooed on my foot. Recently, I was given the inspiration to focus on the things I love the most and see how I can work them into a design aspect for a party. Well, one of my favourite things being pineapples, means that you can work them into some pretty amazing tropical or aloha themed parties. Here are five ways that you can use pineapples at your next event.


Photo from Pinterest

Use it as the Centrepiece

Pineapples are very distinctive, and that pretty much sums up a centrepiece for you – a distinctive item or arrangement that catches and draws the eye. Putting a beautiful golden pineapple on an otherwise plain table brings out the authentic tropical theme, and as you can see by this beautiful image above, it doesn’t have to be all clashing colours and an array of Hawaiian shirt type ugliness. Mixing white tealight candles, simple frangipani flowers, and green banana leaves can create an elegant, yet tropical, element to your next party or function.


Photo by Mary Costa Photography and floristry concept by Jenn Elliott Blake

Make it part of your Floral Arrangements

You could put a mini pineapple amongst the flowers and maybe even some other pieces of fruit in your vase, or you can make it the vase itself! Hollow out a delicious pineapple and use the base as a natural vase for your other flowers. It will make a great centrepiece, and quite a talking point to your guests! Plus, pineapples are cheaper than glassware and vessels so you will save a ton of money!

Pineapple InvitationsUse the Design

Pineapples look cute in real life, but they also look adorable when you draw, sketch, stamp or paint them! Their extremely distinctive look means that incorporating a pineapple into your DIY invitations or stylised party stationary will take guests instantly to a tropical setting.


Dip it in Gold

Add a bit more glam on your table by making your pineapple the ultimate table accent and spray painting it gold. It’s a great way to incorporate this season’s hot metallic trend and will look great amongst your other decorations. The one I used here was actually a cookie jar, and made for a great surprise vessel as well!

Pineapple Coconut Icepops

Photo by Jamieanne

Eat it!

When all else fails, a pineapple makes a great ingredient in a variety of different foods and drinks. Mixing it with rum, coconut, mint, ham, papaya and even sweet potato will make your tastebuds tingle in delight! Check out the ever wonderful Martha Stewart for her own guide on seasoned pineapple receipes, and if you truly are stuck, you can also just make cookies and cakes in the shape of pineapples as well.

So there you have it –  five fun ways you can incorporate pineapples into your tropical party. Let me know if you put some in your own party by emailing me at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com, or leaving me a comment in the link below. Stayed tuned for my next post about some fun and fabulous ways you can incorporate bunnies into your next event! I’m so excited!

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