5 Awesome Unconventional Ideas For Your Hen’s Night!

I’ve been lucky enough to be invited by some close friends and family members to attend their “final hurrah’s” before getting married – namely their Hen’s nights, or Bachelorette parties. Now, if you’re like me, the idea of a Hen’s party can be extremely daunting because you are no doubt getting images in your mind of drunken Bridesmaids, strippers, and Brides being forced to embarrass themselves with penis shaped accessories, bright pink sashes and fake veils. That’s just not me, and I don’t think I am the first person to say that.

Luckily enough, it turns out to not be any of the Bride-to-bes either that I have attended Hen’s parties for. If your sitting here, frustrated because you’re the Maid of Honour and have to plan a Hen’s night and the Bride has told you to avoid these general clichés, well then you are in luck! Here are five tried and tested Bachelorette parties that are going to put some class into your night!


Photo by Katja Heil

1. Go To The Movies.

It sounds strange right? Who simply goes to the movies for the Hen’s night? Well if you get the right cinema and the right experience it could be one of the greatest things you ever did! For my own Bachelorette party, my Maid of Honour discovered the existence of an old, underground retro cinema that had an amazing bar (I had gingerbread cocktails that I think about to this day!) and showed awesome classic, yet unconventional movies. She arranged for us to see Showgirls, the hilariously serious movie that combined some of my favourite things yet was something I had not yet seen before. A combination of cocktails, my besties, and some hilarious upbeat guys a few rows in front of us, I had one of the best experiences out that I have ever had.

So my suggestion would be to do some research and do some digging and come up with an out of the box movie experience – maybe there is a rooftop venue that you can take the Bride to be to? Maybe you could even make this experience yourself if you have the time and the ability! It’s unconventional, but could be absolutely amazing!


2. Take A Class.

Taking classes and learning a new skill can be super fun – especially when you have your friends close by! Someone once told me of an amazing Saturday night that she had where she and her friends went to pole dancing classes, ate cupcakes and drank champagne, and then went to see the new Sex and the City movie that had just come out. It struck me as an amazingly girly and fun thing to do and would make for a great Bachelorette party!

After conveying this to my Maid of Honour, at my own Bachelorette party we were taken to a bar that was holding a party class-a-thon and we went to 3 half hour classes that had us mixing our own cocktails like a pro, doing some life drawing (it’s a Bachelorette party after all!) and doing some burlesque dancing. It’s a great way to have some fun with your girls and maybe discover a love for something that you may never have considered before. Think outside the box and you will be rewarded!

Bachelorette Party

3. See A Show.

For as long as I can remember, my closest girl friend has always loved the retro musical movie Grease, so when it came time to put her Bachelorette party together, we surprised her with a trip to theatre to see her favourite musical come to life on the stage! Starring some big Australian names at the time, she squealed in delight when we approached the hot pink decorated theatre, and has always prized it as one of her favourite nights out.

We followed the night on with dinner at an all star casino, with drinks at a cocktail bar called Cherry before we headed to a funky grunge decorated club called the Retro Hotel, which specialised in playing songs from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Needless to say that our retro night was complete when the DJ played the Bride-to-be her jam; “Walking on Sunshine!”

So if you’re going all out to see a particular show that is the Bride’s favourite, why not theme the whole night? You don’t have to dress up in costumes or anything like that, but it makes for an unforgettable night if you match your clubs to your shows and vice versa.

Ellie's Hens NightPhoto by Suzanna Amerikow

4. Go On A Cruise.

As of just two weeks ago, I joined my sister in-law on the high seas to celebrate her Bachelorette party, which involved dinner, drinks and a fabulous show as we cruised the Sydney Harbour. The risqué and fabulous shows are what help sets the sights of reckless abandon of a Hen’s night and helps turn a little old dinner cruise into something special. Going on a cruise is a fabulous cocktail of spectacular views that you won’t get anywhere else, shows worthy of a Bachelorette party, a classy up-market function, and a reel in on some Hen’s nights high-jinxs that might be a little too much if you were at a club on dry land.

If you’re looking for something different, but something still fun and sexy, then a cruise is probably the best bet for your Hen’s night!

Cherry Bar

5. Go To A Classy Cocktail Lounge

Ok, so this might not be the most unconventional of ideas when it comes to Hen’s nights, but it could certainly turn the night into a classy affair if your Bride still wants to get boozy. Find the most A-Class of cocktail lounges in your area, that specialise in creating signature treats, and go on a tour to each one to sample them. I’ve been to some amazing bars and lounges out there, with some crazy but oh so wonderful themes so you just need to research them beforehand – you could even hire a limo or similar car to transport you there! Talk about fancy!

So there you have it, five unconventional yet awesome ideas on how you and your girls can go wild in the most fanciest of ways. Let me know what your amazing Bachelorette party was by leaving your comments below! I’d love to hear if you have some ideas of your own!

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