DIY Recycled Jewellery Jars

Dessert tables and the food served at your party can be one of the most popular talking points of the night, but the plates, glasses and serving wear that you present your delicious cookies and cakes on can be just as important as the food on it. Serving wear is often overlooked, but presenting your amazing feast in the right colours and the right decorations can really help make or break your dessert table. They can be served on a variety of options, including jars, vessels, plates, platters and stands and can be just as decorated as the bunting hanging above your table.

To add some va-va-voom to your dessert table, one option you can go with is creating a glitzy gold jar out of your leftover and pre-loved jewellery. It guarantees a unique decoration that no one else will have and no one else will receive and is a perfect way to the vamp up your serving wear for white and gold themed parties, sophisticated soirees, glamorous hens nights or even an elegant baby shower.  And once you get rid of your old, pre-loved jewellery, it means that you have to go and buy some more! Win-win for everyone!

What you need

What you need:

Serving Jars

Gold glitter Washi Tape (I got mine from Style Party Love)

Gold and white Bakers Twine (Ditto from Style Party Love)

An old, but still in good condition, long necklace (I won’t tell you where I got mine from because I have since discovered some not so impressive details about the company and I don’t recommend ever shopping there)

Jewellery Jars


1. Clean your serving jars and dry them thoroughly to prepare them for decorations.

2. Measure the Washi Tape so that it wraps around the middle of your jar three times in a neat spiral. Cut and remove the backing before sticking it neatly on your jar. You can use tape to hold it in place if necessary.

3. Measure and cut the chain on the jewellery piece you wish to use so that it drapes around the jar. Pull the jewellery tightly so that it sits perfectly in line with the Washi tape, but drapes elegantly. You can use pliers or even tape to hold it in place.

4. Finally, tie a few rounds of Bakers Twine around the top of the jar for a final elegant effect. Serve cookies or cakes in the jar, or even fill with take home cookie ingredients to use as a favour for your guests.

Viola! An amazing way you can decorate your serving wear and add some bling to your event. Depending on your style and the type of jewellery you own, you can really create anything for lacy Halloween masterpieces to funky, quirky, and colourful accessories. There is no limit to the amazing designs you can make!

If you make some of your own, I would love to see it! Email me photos to or leave a comment in the section below.

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