Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: Part Three

Welcome back to the third and final instalment of the traditional wedding anniversary gift list – a comprehensive list of ideas that you can give to your partner in marriage that is based off the traditional gift-giving symbols that dates back to the Romans. Your kids (if you chose to have them) have grown up and are starting to get paired off on their own, so your nest is looking pretty empty – here are some wonderful ways you can fill it!


Photo by Spreng Ben

Thirty-first anniversary: Travel

Now this seems like my kind of anniversary! Book yourself a dream holiday that you have always wanted to go on, but never had the chance, or if money is a little tight for you this year, play tourist in your own hometown and spend your anniversary day trapesing to all the local tourist haunts to discover something new. If you want to do something even smaller, you can get yourself a classic polaroid camera and take “tourist-y” snapshots of each other and make a scrapbook. You can even buy each other travel items like a new eye mask, carry on luggage or a super sweet personalised luggage tag!

Thirty-second annivery: Bronze

Now before you purchase a bronze life-like bust of each other, remember you could also purchase things that have been brushed in bronze, or even just coloured in bronze. You can get bronze nail polish with a gift certificate to get a manicure, bronze brushed bangles or an industrial style bronze lamp for your desk.

Thirty-third anniversary: Iron

Game of Thrones fan? Get him a replica of the Iron throne, a fancy sword, or even just the DVD box set of the show. Putting in iron taper candle holders, or utensils to stoke a fireplace is also a romantic way to incorporate this cold metal, or you can score your partner some cast iron cookware, or even some weight lifting equipment so that you can start pumping some iron together!

Thirty-fourth anniversary: Food

This is very open (So open I question how “traditional” is is!) but some ideas can include going out for a delicious dinner, take a cooking class together, or even just make spaghetti in your underwear listening to your favourite tunes.

 Scuba Diving

Thirty-fifth anniversary: Coral

If you’re in Australia (or always wanted to go) this would be the year that you should go check out the Great Barrier Reef, or go snorkelling along a coral reef.  You could go out for a fancy seafood dinner, or if you don’t have the cash to splurge, simply buying your partner something in a beautiful coral colour would also work well.

Thirty-sixth anniversary: Antiques

There are so many pretty items you can get your significant other by going to throwback flea markets, antique stores, pre-loved book stores and other used by items. Think of a beautiful set of rocking chairs that you can restore to the former glory and rock together hand in hand on your front porch. You can get ornate mirrors, beautiful leather bound tomes and books, costume jewellery or anything that sings vintage and classic. It’s not hard to find nowadays because Vintage is in, so go antiquing together and find something that has been pre-loved and love it again!

Thirty-seventh anniversary: Books

Now, it’s a bit of a cop out if you bought books as your first year anniversary gift (being paper, that’s what we did) but considering that was almost 37 years ago, it’s totally fine to blow some dust off a new cover. Buy something they would like to read like their favourite novel, or get a book on a skill they would like to brush up on, such as cooking or DIY. This is where you can also get them an eReader if you are so inclined!

Thirty-eighth anniversary: Luck

Luck? Are you for real? While you can’t give luck, you can give each other lucky charms such as a bracelet or a four leaf clover pendant. If your man has a particular ritual that works well for him, you can try and up date it – just don’t give him a real rabbit’s foot! You can get a cute fortune cat from China town, or go all out and test your luck by heading to the casino or to Vegas – though I won’t guarantee if you will be lucky or not.

Thirty-ninth anniversary: Laughter

Another random one – seriously, where did they come up with this? Rent you both a funny movie and have a popcorn munching date night together, or go see a comedy show starring your favourite comedian at your local theatre. If your both super shy and always wanted to try it, why not partake in a comedy show and make others laugh? It will definitely be a date you won’t forget!

Ruby Slippers

 Photo by Sarah

Fortieth anniversary: Ruby

Now we are talking! Anything garnished with rubies make a great present, such as ruby goblets or serving wear, jewellery, ruby red roses or anything in that colour. To be a little less serious, you can get a fruit basket full of delicious ruby red fruit, like apples, ruby grapefruit, strawberries or raspberries. Anything red is ideal whether it is an iPhone case, a bag, a mug, a book, or even a pair of ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz!

Forty-fifth anniversary: Sapphire

It’s time for a jump, because why would I not skip straight ahead to the jewels? Another special anniversary that can mimic similar gifts from your Ruby years if your forty-fifth wedding anniversary. Buy your partner linens, drapes or clothing that sparkle in a Sapphire colour – or buy them a sapphire charm bracelet or necklace from some wonderful suppliers out there. Basically the more sparkly the better!

Fiftieth anniversary: Gold

This is one of those anniversaries that everyone hears about a lot and generally attends the special parties where everything is dripping in gold decorations. It’s your golden years, so treat your partner to a special memory book full of all of your favourite photos together, buy golden flowers or get a bit kooky and spray paint a pineapple cookie jar full of their favourite cookies for a special treat. Here you could also go for the classic gifts in gold such as a gold watch, pendant, ring or even cuff links.

Fifty-fifth anniversary: Emerald

Another anniversary that can mimic your earlier jewel-encrusted ones. Cuff links, earrings or pendants make great glittering gifts for your fifty-fifth anniversary, but you can also fill a basket full of your partner’s favourite things in the jewel-bright green tone (such as photo albums, mugs, books, pens everything!). If you’ve got some cash to splash, maybe take a trip to “The Emerald Isle” in Ireland for something a little more special!


 Photo by Kim Alaniz

Sixtieth anniversary: Diamond

You’ve made it – the anniversary everyone craves to get to, everyone talks about, and the last one in my traditional anniversary gift idea list. Men, if you haven’t bought it for her yet, now is a great time to get the matching infinity ring to go with her engagement and wedding bands. You can stay at a hotel or a motel that has the word Diamond in the name (such as the Diamant or the Diamond Grand) and if your partner is a bit daring and not too afraid, you can get them a Diamond python as a gift that they will never forget!

So there you have it – sixty years of celebrations and sixty years of gift giving ideas that will show your significant other just how much you love them, varying in prices and degrees. All of these gift ideas make for a fun present idea for other couples as well, so just because you haven’t reached your sixtieth wedding anniversary yet, you can still gift some of these presents to your parents or grandparents who are celebrating theirs.

And from me, on behalf of The Party Connection, no matter what anniversary you are celebrating, congratulations and I hope every one is absolutely magical for you and your partner.

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