Party Round Up – February


Honey Skies Photography

Some of my extended family! Photo by Honey Skies Photography

Ah February, a time for romantic celebrations and to make the heart grow fonder. Not only was it Valentines Day this month, but I was super lovey dovey on the fact it’s my one year anniversary since I married my husband (and six years that we have been together) and we’re all gearing up for another family wedding next month (stay tuned!) so I’ve been out and about at a bachelorette party too. Not only that, my surrogate son Buddy celebrated his fourth birthday as well, so it’s been all happy family smiles this month!

Check out some other awesome parties that are making us happy this month…

Party Round-Up:

  • How absolutely RAD are these Pinata cookies from A Darling Affair’s Mexican themed launch party?
  • Rock n Roll Bride is back with an amazing Alice in Wonderland themed wedding that you need to check it out because of the cake and the table names and A Horror Movie themed wedding where guests all had pizza and popcorn, got a box of things you would need to survive a horror movie as wedding favours, and everyone sat down for a screening of The Bride of Frankenstein (What an amazing idea!).
  • Craftsy has got some adorable how-to tips for the cake decorators at heart! Check out their articles on How to Make a Mosaic Cake, How to Pour and Cast Isomalt Jewels (For your cakes of course!) and 5 Gold and Silver Cakes to add sparkle to your party.
  • Check out Hooray magazine’s feature including an Alice in Wonderland themed 60th birthday. Seriously, how do I get invited to these things?
  • Offbeat Bride released photos from an amazing Batman and Superhero themed wedding (Yes, a wedding!) where the bride and groom were dressed up as Harley Quinn and The Joker, the celebrant was dressed up as Batman, and the guests were dressed up as other characters such as Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Captain America, and even Gumby! This super cute and DIY wedding really brought together all of the pieces that the couple loves – and made for an amazing bash!

Party Round-Up:

  • Caitlin Stacey, the actress behind such productions as Home and Away, Tomorrow When The War Began, and The Sleepover Club, has released a website that is focused on being beautiful, feminist and body positive in the most frank way possible. It’s certainly an interesting read, but if you head over to be warned that it’s NSFW.
  • Hate someone? Express it in a positive light by sending them glitter.
  • Mark Manson asked 7 Strange Questions that would help you find your purpose in life, and while I am still struggling to find out  what this is, this definitely gave me something to think about and ponder! And while you’re at it, check out his article about How You Measure Your Life compared to others. Should you instead be measuring your success a different way?
  • Want to follow in Marilyn Monroe’s footsteps? I already posted about her diet and work out regime, and book list, but now you can see what her goals and New Years Resolutions were thanks to Vogue.
  • It’s all about sex with the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie out – have you seen it? I unintentionally saw it on opening night (because I just happened to be going to the movies) and while the “vanilla” sex was both embarrassing to watch in a room full of strangers as well as sensual (Ice, ice baby!) the actual BDSM scenes of tying Anastasia up and beating her was more uncomfortable than sexy. The Guardian did a post about what actual Dominants and Submissives thought about the movie and I’m not surprised to hear them say it was a very clean and tame version of reality, but simply confirms I’m never likely to be apart of that world. What did you think of the movie? Did it get your temperature hot?
  • And while we are on some deep primal sex versus feminist level, check out this piece of Hysterical Literature. It’s NSFW but incredibly interesting, for more than you would think. You can read the piece behind it at the Huffington Post.
  • If you liked the Safia film clip for “You Are The One than you will love the apocalyptic Australian movie These Final Hours, which is all about discovering who you are and what you really want in life… even if your life is about to end. I highly recommend everyone watch it – it was amazing! And while we are on the subject, Adriana Grande’s “people” ripped off Safia for her latest video clip – check out the Triple J interview with Crux Media to prove it.
  • Did you also catch Katy Perry slay it at the 2015 Superbowl? If not, check out her cute clip (and some apparently not infamous left handed sharks) right here!

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