Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: Part Two

Little Blue Box

Photo by Shereen

Welcome back to the second instalment of the traditional wedding anniversary gift list! If you are stuck on ideas on what you should get your significant other, or just plain can’t remember the general traditional list, than this post should help! You’ve made it to your fifteenth year without killing each other, and have picked up some dogs, kids and a mortgage along the way – now it’s time to see what to get your better half this year!

Sixteenth year: Coffee or Tea

I feel like this traditional gift would be better suited to those couples starting out, but hey, I didn’t make the list! Treat your partner to a delicious sampler’s basket of coffees and teas that have been selected just for them, get them their own eco-friendly personalised coffee mug, or buy them a years supply of coffee to get them through the next years worth of meetings! Now is the perfect time to get that Nespresso machines you have had your eye on for ages (does George Clooney come with the coffee?) or for the ultimate fancy pants adventure, take a trip to the Boh tea fields in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia!

Wine stopper

Photo by Derek Gavey

Seventeenth year: Wine or Spirits

Besides buying your significant other their favourite wines and drinks for your anniversary, have a splurge and go out on the town – sampling all the delicious cocktails and drinks you can muster without falling over! Have a cocktail party for two at home and create your very own signature cocktail together or take a tour to your local vineyard or vacation to “wine country” for the weekend.

Eighteenth year: Appliances

They say you and me are the perfect mix, so get something that expresses just that! Make heart shaped waffles using a waffle iron or pancake maker, sprinkle with chocolate sauce, strawberries and icing sugar, and then go back to bed for the ultimate breakfast in bed! Just whatever you do, don’t buy each other a vacuum – way to suck the romance out of the room!

Nineteenth year: Jade

This can be a little harder, especially if you don’t like near China town. Besides the obvious purchasing of jade jewellery, you can  go on a date to the closest Chinese restaurant with the term “Jade” in the title, or give each other an item they have always wanted in a jade colour (think Pantone’s array of books, mugs, mousepads, anything that come in significant colours). Failing that, a Bonsai tree would make a great gift as well!

Twentieth year: China

Get yourself a plain white mug or cereal bowl and go to town decorating your love for your partner on it. You can bake it in the over for 150 degrees for 30 minutes and it will stay there forever! Cute! While you’re at it, you could pick out a new china pattern for your place settings, buy some more wedding china (chances are it has been broken by now) or you could just, you know, splurge on a trip to China.


Photo by L C Notaalson

Twenty-first year: Fire

I feel like Hallmark started grasping at straws at this point and thought “Screw it! Introduce the elements!” Get yourself a BBQ or a fire pit a’roaring and have a romantic time under the stars eating Halloumi and marshmallows, or get snuggly near the fireplace on a bear skin rug (fake of course!) in a log cabin for the weekend. Have a romantic candlelight dinner (with 21 candles) or even take a trip to visit an active volcano in Hawaii or Vanuatu.

Twenty-second year: Water

Anything on water is a go for this year! Learn to go scuba diving or snorkelling with your loved one, have a day trip to the beach or visit your local aquarium. You could have a dinner cruise on the harbour, a romantic waterfront restaurant, or go for an adventurous picnic under a waterfall (That’s how we got engaged! 😛 )

Twenty-third year: Air

Learn to fly a plane!!! It’s scary, but if my mother can do it, so can you! You could also go on a romantic hot air balloon ride followed by a romantic breakfast picnic. On a cheaper note, you can fill the bedroom with helium balloons or have a balloon bouquet delivered to your significant other at work.

hot stone massage

Photo by …your local connection

Twenty-fourth year: Stone

You know what would be the best present? A hot stone massage! Don’t tell me I’m wrong! However, if you are one of those people who don’t like to be touched, then baking a pizza on a stone fire oven could be a great outing together, or even something like Cold Rock ice cream where they smash the ice cream together with your favourite toppings on marble. Stone earthenware plates, bowls and even jewellery would make a great present, go to a sculpture museum, or if you’re so inclined, spend the evening getting…ahm… “stoned” together.

Twenty-fifth year: Silver

Silver is one of the biggies – you have finally made it to the big quarter! Anything in silver is what you are here and it could be jewellery, a sculpture, a cuff, a box, a silver motorbike, an engraved silver pen, sneakers or moon boots – anything!!!

Twenty-sixth year: Art

For my birthday my husband got me the best present ever – a painted replica of one of my most favourite paintings by my favourite artists! They cost a fraction of the price by the real thing, and look just as good! Otherwise, splurge and get them a framed or canvased piece of art, choose a piece together, or get them a coffee table book of romantic art. You could also turn your love into an art form, by composing your significant other something! Swoon!


Twenty-seventh year: Music

If you are so talentedly inclined, write your partner a song or compose a track that you can dedicate to them! Make them a mix CD of the songs that make you think of them or re-live your wedding day by dancing to your wedding song. If you are a bit shy on the talent department, watching a good old fashion musical movie makes a great date, or treat them to a concert of their favourite band! They will love you for it!

Twenty-eighth year: Linens

Transform your home into a new paradise by giving it an overall (I am sure it could use it by now!). Buy new place mats and linen napkins for an elegant feel to your home cooked anniversary meal (why not make it personalised too?) and revamp your bed with new comforters, sheets and pillow cases that speak to each other tastes – then try them out!

Twenty-ninth year: Tools

You don’t have to go too literal with this and get your wife a screwdriver (unless that is exactly the kind of tinkerer the other one is!). Get your partner the “tools” that will help out their hobbies, such as paintbrushes for the painter, new utensils for the baker, a manicure set for the spa queen, or pencils and paper for the writer.

Thirtieth year: Pearls

The big 3-0! Congratulations! You are going strong and looking good! To cement this momentous occasion of being married longer than I have ever been alive pearls are definitely in order. Besides the general pearl jewellery, underwear and accessories you can get, you can take your partner out for a fancy dinner with oysters to start. Visit an oyster farm or give the gift of pearlescent colouring and tones.  But who are you kidding? Just get them a pearl bracelet!

So there you have it, you have survived another 15 years of marriage and out-lasted the toughest battles – congratulations! Hopefully you are still making each other as happy as the day you got married! Stay tuned for my last part in the series, where I count down to the bigger celebrations  – the one’s you have all been waiting for! See you then!

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