Elegant Homespun Save the Dates

Save the Dates

In a little yellow envelope came a big announcement. My brother in-law is tying the knot in October (so you can all be keen to see the post on that later in the year) and I want to share with you the wonderful Save the Dates that he and his fiancée sent to set the tone of their beautiful homespun wedding.

We have been lucky enough to be privy to some of the wedding’s details, and receiving this gold and crème card completely sets the theme for what will be a beautiful day full of creativity, laughter and fun.

In gold sparkly cursive and decorated font, these Save the Dates could easily be featured in a bridal magazine but also speak in volumes of the talents and depths of love shared by the bride and groom. The couple in question are known for their wonderful handmade gifts and knack for homemade arts (We all received wonderful handmade bars of chocolate soap and sauces for Christmas, and the bride made me the most amazing bunting I have ever seen as a present!) and their Save the Dates suggest the same high quality creative standard for their big day.

This invitation has the bride and groom written all over it, and not just to know who is getting married!

It also comes hand in hand with a wonderful, on trend website that celebrates their love and history together, and gives their guests a sense of what is to come. Websites are a great way to bring your wedding into the future, and provide all of your guests with important information to start looking at, like accommodation, flights, and attire, without clogging up a huge package. I would definitely recommend doing something similar for your own wedding – it’s just so easy to do! We look forward to attending this amazing celebration in Perth later this year, and I hope you look forward to seeing the photos too.

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