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I first discovered Lauren and Shakespeare’s Cakespere at the Hustle and Scout Markets in an abandoned air hanger in Canberra and was instantly taken with her amazing salted caramel cake in a jar, and her equally impressive looking nautical themed cake (which she can teach you how to make yourself!) that was on display. After sampling my treats, I discovered that Lauren’s tagline for Shakespeare’s Cakespere is “love at first bite” and I can say that I completely fell head over heels for her delicious creations! Meet Lauren Shakespeare, the wonder woman behind Shakespeare’s Cakespere, and discover it for yourself!
Lauren and Mario Cake
Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Lauren Shakespeare, I am the proud owner of Shakespeare’s Cakesphere in Canberra. I love to snowboard and ride my dirt bike but above all I love making designer cakes. Not the typical things you would then associate with someone who spends a good chunk of her time making wedding cakes, I know. As well as making cakes I have recently started teaching cake decorating from my home. I also work a full time job and am currently studying Japanese….. some would say I am one busy bee!
What does Shakespeare’s Cakesphere do for the events industry?
Shakespeare’s Cakesphere is a Canberra based custom cake service. I make custom cakes for birthdays, christenings, corporate events and weddings in the Canberra and Surrounding Regions. My specialty is wedding cakes, I just love everything about wedding cakes and feel so privileged to meet each couple that I get to make beautiful cakes for.
Carnival Cake Red Cupcakes


How did you get started on your baking creations and what led you to develop Shakespeare’s Cakesphere?

I rolled out my first piece of fondant in September 2011 to create a racing car cake for my nephew, Billy. Not even in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be where I am today when I set out to make this said cake. From then on I was absolutely cake obsessed, I just wanted to make cakes for any event I possibly could, which I never heard my work colleagues complaining about funnily enough. The more cakes I made the more in demand they became, before I knew it I had people asking to buy my cakes and alas Shakespeare’s Cakesphere was born.

I actually cannot take credit for the clever name, one of the ladies I was working with at the time came up with some very smart plays on what was soon to become my new surname (Shakespeare). There was names like Shake n Bake, Shakes Cakes and of course Shakespeare’s Cakesphere (pronounced Shakespeare’s Cake-Sphere – as in a globe or round sphere). Although it is one hell of a tongue twister and I get many variations of the pronunciation, I just loved the name as it was something different that stood out to me.

2 - Shakespeares Cakespere  5 - Shakespeares Cakespere

What inspired you to begin teaching about your creations?

Well there has been a few things that sparked me to teach my skills to people. The first would be my friends as in the past I had helped a couple of friends with cake ideas they wanted to make for themselves or loved ones. As I had all of the tools for the job I would offer to help them with the cakes at my house so they could borrow my tools. It didn’t take me long to realise how much I liked teaching people the skills, and there was always such a great feeling of accomplishment from all by the time it was done.

The next inspiration for teaching would have to be Linda, who is the lovely lady that took me under her wing and taught me the fine art of cake decorating. She has supported me in every way she can since I met her, and I always have had such a fun and positive experience when decorating along side her.

Clock Tower Cake

What has been your favourite creation to date and why?

Well its really really hard to pick just one as there has been a few cakes now that I have been hesitant to let go of, you tend to get pretty attached to your creations after a solid couple of days staring at every little detail on your cakes. I have 3 favourite cakes that I really couldn’t pick which one I love more as they were all so different in design, but the one thing they all had in common was they were all tall…… really really tall.

The first would have to be my own wedding cake, it stood just under 1 meter tall and was just simple, clean and elegant with stunning gold lace details. It took me a solid 3 days to make and as I made it at Whimsical Cakehouse in Sydney (with the watchful eye of Linda) I then had to transport it back to Canberra in 1 complete piece. It only just fit in my car and let me tell you it was one very very slow drive home.

My second favorite cake would have to be a cake I made a few moths back for an awesomely fun couple Tanya and Tim. It had no fondant just chocolate ganache and some edible gold lace. The wedding was Moroccan themed and they had some beautifully bright flowers to accompany it, they just looked stunning. Tanya and Tim’s cake also stood just shy of 1 meter tall.

My other favorite cake was for the 2014 Marymead Bride and Groom ball. This cake was for a small cake art competition and all of the cakes were also the dessert on the night. The cake stood so tall I had to get on the bench with it to stack the top tiers and then borrow my friends van to deliver it to the venue, it was by far my scariest cake delivery to date. The bottom tier of the cake was made to look like a clock tower and to really give it the authentic look, I added in some fairy lights to make the clock faces that were made with edible rice paper images light up…… who wouldn’t love a cake that lights up!


What inspires you?

The cake decorating industry in general inspires me. I have had the privilege of meeting some amazingly talented decorators in my short time of having my business and everyone of these people inspires me for different reasons. Everyone is constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done with cake and I want to be one of those doing that too. It is such a different and beautiful form of art and one that has grown so much even just in the past few years, when I started making cakes only a few years ago you couldn’t even buy fondant in Canberra so it is fantastic to see how much it has grown in a short time.

What’s in the future for Shakespeare’s Cakesphere?

Well I would love to one day travel about Australia (maybe even the world if I’m lucky enough) teaching the art of decorating to others. I would also one day love to own my own cake shop that has enough room to cater for larger classes, and of course a space that I can work from so people can come to see my cakes up close. I am very lucky to currently have a dedicated area to make my cakes in at home but nothing would beat being able to say I am a fulltime cake decorator and be able to invite people to visit my shop that is filled with the smell of super sweet cakes and fondant.

If you want Lauren to help you out at your own wedding or celebration, hit up her website at Shakes Cakes or send her an email at Don’t forget to check back and see what her next cake classes for 2015 are going to be – you might just see me there!

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