DIY: Chevron Party Spoons

Chevron spoons

For those who are unaware, Chevron is “a V-shaped line or stripe in a pattern” and are extremely popular in current trends for party planners and party stylists. The beautiful V Shape gives a little more depth to the styling of your party, and can tie in with any kind of party whether it be a colour theme or an element theme. This DIY project is super simple to put together, and can add an extra layer to your event styling, but the beautiful part is that you can incorporate this tutorial into simple stripes or layered designs as well – it doesn’t have to just be chevron.

Here is how you can put the wow factor into every element of your party – right down to the cutlery!

What you need:

Wooden flatware cutlery (It’s better quality, looks better with the pattern and is cheaper to buy)

Glitter Washi Adhesive Tape (I got mine from Style Party Love)


What you need to do:

1. Measure out the appropriate size and shape on the back of your Glitter tape, and mark this area on your wooden flatware cutlery.

2. Cut the Glitter tape where you have measured it, making sure to keep the edges neat (especially to include the backing of the tape when cutting.

3. Remove the backing on your tape and stick your glitter tape stripes on the marked out area of your wooden flatware cutlery. Press down firmly and leave flat to ensure it sticks solidly to the flatware.

4. Then, serve it with bakers twine and vintage mason jars for an adorable dessert table effect!

How easy is that? You can churn out heaps within a short period of time and would look great no matter style of Glitter tape you buy, what party you are having, or what food you are serving it with. You can even use things like actual glitter and glue to create the same effect, just put glue in the area you are decorating, followed by the glitter, and let dry… but that DIY craft is for another day!

If you make some of these for your own party, send me a photo to You can also comment in the description below.


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