DIY: Hot Air Balloon Cupcake Toppers

Hot Air Balloon Toppers

There is something so whimsical about Hot Air Balloons: the way they float on the breeze about the world and can take the form of beautiful patterns and shapes to decorate our skies. They make a great decoration for a party if your thinking of hosting something whimsical, something themed (specifically “Up”, “The Wizard of Oz”, “Around the World in 80 Days”, or even steampunk themed) or something that just needs a little bit of magic.

I discovered the existence of balloon cupcake toppers from the wonderfully whimsical blog Studio DIY and thought it would be a great DIY project to turn the simple balloon cupcake topper into a hot air balloon, using the cupcake itself to represent the basket at the bottom of the balloon! Here is how I did it, so that you can follow this design for your own cupcakes, or if you want to make a specific hot air balloon centre-piece.

What you need:

Colourful cardboard

Matching coloured paper drinking straws

Matching coloured paperclips (If you want to make the single balloons as well)

Tape, scissors, pencils and glue

Freshly baked and iced cupcakes!


1. Bake your favourite cupcakes to perfection, let them cool, and ice them. Making vanilla or chocolate cupcakes in a matching plain tan or brown patty case would be best, because then they look like the little basket for people to sit in that you would find at the bottom of the hot air balloon.

2. Draw a hot air balloon shape onto your cardboard using your pencil, making sure it is neat and not too large so it doesn’t overshadow the cupcake too much. Cut this out and then flip the shape over. Use your pencil to draw it’s shape on the other side of the cardboard so that it matches and then cut it out as well.

3. Place two paper straws in a line up the centre of one of the hot air balloon shape. Make sure that it sits about 1cm below the top rounded area of the hot air balloon, but that the straw at the bottom pokes out beyond the hot air balloon shape for about 15cms (large enough to stick in the middle of the cupcake and look like the wires that connect the hot air balloon to the basket).

4. Tape the straws in place and make sure that they are firm and tight and won’t move when you pick up the straw. Next, Use glue or tape to stick the opposite side of the hot air balloon shape to the other, making sure that both sides match up evenly. Let the glue dry until the cardboard hot air balloon is firm.

4. While your hot air balloon is setting, you can make some of the awesome balloons that Studio DIY made, but substitute the paper straws for wire paper clips that you have pulled out of shape, smoothed over, and re-bent to look like balloon strings. Super cute, right?

5. Once the hot air balloon is sturdy enough for you to pick up without breaking, you can now put them in your iced cupcakes. Sit the hot air balloon cupcake in the middle of the rest of them so that you have an amazing centrepiece, and put the smaller balloon ones around it. Set yourself up with a carousel and you’ll fit right in at the county fair! Super cute!

Let me know if you tried any of these cupcake toppers for yourself! Email me at or leave your comments in the description below.

Until your next magical celebration!

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