Party Round Up – December

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It’s December, and you know what that means – it’s time to put ourselves in an over-indulgent food coma thanks to weeks of celebrating the Christmas season at work, at home and with friends. It’s also the time to stress and freak out about what you need to get for your great aunt Helen, a time to celebrate the joys and magic of being with your family, and a time to dress your dog up in an elf costume.

No matter what Christmas means to you, whether it’s an over-commercialised reason to shop, a chance to have a break and enjoy the beach and the sunshine, or a chance to get involved in some festival cheer, Christmas definitely has a unique flavour to bring to the table. Check out some of the amazing parties that are blowing up the blogosphere right now and if I don’t say it before I see you – have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Party Round Up:

Other Articles:

  • published an awesome list about life at 25…
  • I have major issues staying in the moment, and it causes me to be distracted and flighty. I love Gala Darling’s tips on how to not float away with your mind, as well as how to survive a job you hate.
  • These dog portraits are some of the greatest I have ever seen!
  • This lady hasn’t made any trash in 2 years. Think it’s impossible? I dare you to try!
  • Check out Jon Contino’s stellar artwork for the Halloween movie The Book of Life! It’s absolutely beautiful and he is a talented designer – I can’t wait for the movie to come out here in April.
  • Check out this super powerful video called One Second A Day. As Don’t Panic, a British charity part of Save The Children, describes it, the video is “Our solution was to tell a story that would bring the realities of Syria home, and to do it we combined the one-second-a-day and photo time-lapse formats to create a new way of showing an ordinary girl’s world falling apart in just a year.” It shows some shocking realities of the wars in the Middle East and really correlates to the lives of refugees and just why they ended up asking us for help.
  • This video below popped up as one of those annoying advertisements you get before watching a video on Youtube. What transpired by letting it go was one of the most inspiring videos to promote going to a country for more than just getting drunk and giving us a bad name. See this one man’s experience to something extra-ordinary in Thailand.

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