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Photo by Kristina Lee Photography for Beijos Events

I got this memo earlier in the year when I was working at a “she-shall-not-be-named-because-I-hate-her” fashion retailer earlier in the year, and thought nothing of the trend beyond the fact that I could now wear my shiny gold damask dress and be on pointe with fashion for once in my life. But getting closer to the silly season metallics are in, and not just for sparkling up the runway. Incorporating metallics, glitter and the ultimate shiny geometrics are now an acceptable lifestyle choice for interior decorators and event stylists. Everyone wants to ring in a new year in as shiny a fashion as possible, and I am here to tell you how you can do just that.

The main concern in having a metallic themed party is making the decorations too tacky that it looks like you are stuck in the 70’s or at your senior prom, so stay away from shiny disco balls and gold streamer backdrops. First, choose the element that is going to sparkle the most – will it be the gold sequined table cover or table runner, or will it be the gold vase centrepiece and matching plates and cutlery? Making them both uber shiny will mean that your guests will all have to wear sunglasses.

Modern Design Table

Photo by Joilala

Going with the tablecloth idea is super cute, and it is a fun option that you can use again and again at different themed parties. Choosing this option means that when you lay your tablecloth on the dessert table you will need to focus on having a neutral tone to balance it out. You can use white (or less shiny) serving dishes, plates and cutlery to do this and then you can add delicious shiny treats on top such as gold macaroons, glitter cupcakes and gold cookies. The white serving trays will mean that these treats won’t get lost in a sea of gold.

Black and GoldPhoto by Sheleigh Grob

If you are going in the direction of having metallic objects as a focus on the dessert table, stick to a neutral toned table (like a chocolate wood, which will change the tone of your party to a sophisticated soiree) or get a plain white tablecloth to set the base. Then, hang gold, silver and brown metallic tassel bunting from the base of the table, and add your shiny gold accessories on top. Don’t forget that flames can create that same warm gold effect that matches nicely with a metallic themed party, so if you’re going for heaps and heaps of candles, this still counts as a shiny accessory.

Speaking of shiny accessories, there are some super cute ideas out there to decorate your party with. You can serve all of your food in (or simply just add to the dessert table) wire geometric bowls that are spray painted in bronze hues. You can have giant gold, silver and bronze word balloons or even make your own fabulously sparkly piñata for your guests to take a whack at. You can also get adorable gold painted rabbit sculptures to put on either side of your cocktail rounds for add shine, which can be found from super cheap stores like Typo. If you search for “gold party supplies” into Etsy, you are guaranteed to come up with more gold items than you can poke a stick at! Don’t forget to check out one of my older articles How To Make Your Event Sparkle for some more interesting ideas.

Just remember though, this metallic atmosphere can get overbearing, so don’t forget to tone down the hues a little (try light gold straws instead of sparkly ones) and mix in some neutral colours to balance it out.

While you’re at it, there are also heaps of fantastic ways you can bring metallics to the food you serve at your party – you can get your cake maker to create a metallic two-toned celebratory cake to be your centrepiece, you can give away metallic wrapped heart shaped chocolates as your party favours and you can dip practically everything you are going to eat in gold (chocolate and gold dipped strawberries and millionaire’s éclairs and cupcakes? Yes please!).

Glitz-New-Years-Eve-party-11Photo by Kristina Lee Photography for Beijos Events

And since this is a fantastic theme for ringing in the New Year, you can use glue and a ton of glitter to dip your champagne and sparkling wine bottles in glitter pots to get into the festive spirit.  When the clock strikes 12.00 throw glitter confetti and streamers around and let gold, silver and bronze balloons go from a net on the roof. It will give you the ultimate New Year’s Eve celebratory feel, and create a truly magical event for your guests.

And don’t forget to dress up for the occasion!

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