A – Z Weddings Tips: Part Three

Love Candy

Photo by Brent Moore

If you are just checking in, welcome to part three of my A- Z Wedding Tips – a chocka-block full list of ways that you can help save some of the big bucks for your wedding, right down to the last letter!

Q is for Queen For A Day!

Let’s face it, the closest anyone ever comes to royalty without being Kate Middleton is getting married. It’s a day when all eyes are on you, you make a big entrance, marry the man you love and wear a giant dress. Why not make the most of it by playing Queen for a day? The difference is, channel your inner Middleton, not your inner Queen of Hearts.

While your bridesmaids fawn around you, keep your head. It’s all well and good to drink the bubbly and toast to the rest of your life, and while you may have donned a plastic tiara at your bachelorette party, you need to not go totally bridezilla on everyone. They aren’t your subjects, they are your nearest and dearest so treat them with respect. A beloved Queen is a generous Queen, so thank them for spending this special day with you and give them a token of your appreciation, even if it is a simple thank you – you will be loved for it in the end.

R  is for Responsibility

Traditionally, a bride’s parents are the ones that pay for most of the wedding expenses, but these days family situations aren’t traditional and the bride and groom typically want to pay for themselves. However, if money is a bit tight, you can consider asking your family to assist in helping out with the expenses in lieu of a wedding present. When deciding how to pay, you can divvy up the sums in any way that you want, but to give you an idea here is a list of the traditionally designated responsibilities:

  • Ceremony – Bride and family pay for the location, while the groom and family pay the licence and celebrant fees.
  • Clothes – The bride and family pay for the bride’s wedding dress and accessories, while the groom and family pay for the groom’s clothes. Bridesmaids and groomsmen typically pay for their own outfits.
  • Flowers – Bride and family pay for the bouquets, corsages and flowers for the wedding, while the groom and family pay for the buttonholes and corsages.
  • Honeymoon – This is the man’s typical payment plan, so he can surprise the bride!
  • Photography – The bride and family pay for the wedding photos and videos
  • Reception – This payment is taken care of by the bride and her family, including all food, drinks, decorations and music.
  • Rings – The groom and his family pays for this.
  • Stationary – The bride and her family pay for this, including the guest book and wedding programs, thank you card, invitations and RSVP’s.
  • Transport – This is taken care of by the groom and his family.
  • Pre Wedding Celebrations – And in this we are talking about bachelor and bachelorette parties, kitchen tea’s, bridal showers etc. This is typically paid for by the friends and bridal party.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Photo by Marco from the Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie

S is for Sale!

If you know what you are after in terms of decorations, drinks and accessories don’t be afraid to search around in sale bins to find what you want on the cheap. Buying fairy lights and candles after Christmas is a great way to save on a super simple and super effective decoration for your wedding – you just have to be organised and prepared!

It seems sacrilegious, but you can also get your wedding dress on sale too. Many bridal designers have sample sales at least once a year so you can call around, mark the date in your diary and than get like Confessions of a Shopaholic at a sale on that puppy. You can also save a ton of money on forgoing interacting beading on your dress, get a cheaper fabric such as satin, and opt for a non-traditional colour away from white to save heaps.

You can also buy your wedding dress online, which is a daunting experience but a possibility that could save you thousands of dollars. I bought my wedding dress online, as did my soon-to-be married sister-in-law and one of my bridesmaids as well, so it is doable. Just make sure you triple check your sizes and when in doubt go bigger so that you can take it to a tailor and get them to bring it in. Just make sure you go over the returns policies carefully before buying it!

T is for Timing!

Most weddings take place on a Saturday night so venues tend to bump up the booking fees to compensate for being in-demand. If you aren’t precious about the timing and want people to behave themselves, opt for a day of the week that isn’t used regularly, like during working hours Monday to Friday. You can also think about the seasons when you are putting your wedding together – Spring and Summer are generally the more popular seasons for weddings, so by having a Winter wonderland wedding instead you can save heaps hosting your celebration during the down time of a venue.

Another option is to have a lunchtime, or even breakfast time wedding. The food can be cheaper, the venue will likely be free for your booking, and you won’t have to spend so much on lighting and alcohol. It means you don’t have to spend a minute longer without your spouse and can cut down the nerves and jitters beforehand.

Cheese cakes

Photo from Flickr

U is for Unconventional Cakes!

Specific, I know, but an important question when deciding your food for the wedding. Wedding cakes can come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and flavours ranging from traditional four tiered fruit cakes to dense chocolate or caramel mud cakes and it really depends on the palette of the bride and groom. But while some baked masterpieces can cost you an arm and a leg, going unconventional could save you some money – especially if a piece of cake is not your priority. Popular trends nowadays include stacks of individual cupcakes or towers of your favourite cheeses, crackers and fruit. While it’s not traditional, having an array of gourmet cheeses is definetly going to be cheaper than a wedding cake, so give it some thought.

While you are at it too, remember that you don’t need to buy cake toppers of figurines to put on the cakes. Rustic can be just as nice, and will save you some money too!

V is for Vans!

When I say “Vans” I don’t mean the bridal party and weddings cars that take you to and from the ceremony venue, I mean food vans. Imagine having a rocking festival themed wedding in the middle of a forest, and having all your guests sitting under hundreds of twinkling fairy lights helping themselves to delicious Peruvian burgers, gourmet hotdogs and even beautifully delicate cupcakes out of a van. It sounds crazy, but also makes for a beautiful celebration!

Food Vans are the new “in” thing thanks to Hipsters popping up in used ambulances and serving delicious food out of them. They’re cheap, because they come with their own kitchens, utensils and food, and you don’t need electrical cables and solid kitchen tubs to set up. They will also go anywhere, so your dream wedding taking place on the beach is not just a dream – plus they will be cheaper than any inside venue with catering!

Wedding Planner

Photo by Natasha Mileshina

W is for Wedding Planner!

We’ve all seen J.Lo do her thing in the movie, and wedding planning is a huge industry nowadays – it’s filled with people like me who are passionate about making your dreams come true for your special celebrations. If you have a bit more cash to throw around, and are a working professional or a genuinely busy person who just simply doesn’t have the time for the details, then it might be a good idea to hire a professional to sweat the small stuff for you.

Wedding Planners will make sure that every detail is thought of and will meet with you regularly to give you updates and gage your desires for your big day. It’s guaranteed to be a beautiful day, and a lot less stressful when it comes to planning the actual wedding (on your end anyway) but just make sure to shop around and meet with each wedding planner individually first before deciding. Check out their portfolio and don’t forget to get a mood board happening of your own – you need to make sure that their vision aligns with yours.

X is for Exes (I know, but whatever)!

I don’t have much to say about this besides don’t invite them. They aren’t in your life anymore for a reason, and they simply try and cause problems by showing up and looking good with a hot piece of arm candy to show you that they are over you, when really it is killing them inside. Why bother with this on your special day? Make the ruling – no exes, even if you are still friends with them and they claim to be over you.

Y is for YouTube Tutorials!

YouTube Nation proved that you can learn a brand new skill in an under an hour simply by watching YouTube videos! There are hundreds and hundreds of tutorials that teach you how to do everything from baking and cooking to creating pinwheels and mastering the art of floristry, so if your looking for the DIY factor and have the time, jump on YouTube and pick up some awesome skills that could help define your wedding… and that you will never know when will come in handy!

Z is for Zzzz’s…

As in get some! There is a reason it is called beauty rest, and in the days leading up to your wedding you need to catch up on your full eight hours every night so that your skin glows, you’re well rested and you’re bright and shiny! Being tired makes everyone cranky, and you don’t want that to be you on your wedding day, so get to bed early and if you don’t have a quiet place for your nap, remove yourself from the situation a few days before so that you can catch up on your rest.

Besides, you won’t be doing much resting after your wedding, so stock up on it now! Bow-chicka-wow-wow!

So there you have it, the final piece to the puzzle and the final alphabet block in the tower. I hope you have picked up on some awesome tips on how to make your wedding day sail smoothly, and I hope you are able to save some serious moola for your honeymoon thanks to these budget costs! If you have any tips you would like to share, please don’t hesitate to comment in the section below!

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