Alternative Christmas Themes

It’s Christmas time yet again, and that means it is time for food, fun and festivities at home, at the office, and at your friend’s houses. With all the Christmas cheer (and stress!) going around, it can get difficult to think outside of the box when it comes to theming and decorating your Christmas gathering, so I have come up with this handy little colour chart to help keep you in the festive mood – because let’s face it, red and green really shouldn’t be seen together…

Candy Cane ChristmasPhoto from Flickr

1. Candy Cane Christmas

First up is a classic Christmas style colour scheme that won’t hurt your eyes with stark contrasting like red and green do. It’s an easy colour to inject some of the festive spirit into, without going overboard because you really don’t have to do too much with it and there are heaps and heaps of different products you can get to help support your theme. Get a white tablecloth and a red table runner to set the tone, before filling your space with miniature sparkly white Christmas trees, red shiny Christmas baubles, hang candy canes from every space, and use cute tableware that are red and white striped.

Important notes in this Christmas party is to avoid making EVERYTHING red and white striped. You can create a white space using basic white decorations and then use the red as a pop of colour to bring out all the elements. Serve red drinks and foods like raspberry lemonade in clear mason jars, red velvet cupcakes with white buttercream icing, and don’t forget to give everyone a candy cane as a thank you gift.

Gold Star Christmas
Photo from Flickr

2. Gold Star Christmas

It traditional Christmas spirit, people place golden stars at the top of their Christmas trees to mark the Star of David, the star that led the  shepherds to the barn that Jesus was born in. You can definitely follow on from this tradition by hosting a gold star themed party to inject a bit of wisdom and decadence into your own Christmas soiree. A great idea is to set the tone of the party in a neutral colour like the candy cane themed idea above, and use gold as a highlighting colour. Put some gold decorations on your tree (don’t forget the star at the top!) and use a variety of gold decorations like gold tinsel hanging around the place, gold ribbons on white boxed presents, and maybe even a gold fringed piñata hanging above the tree. You could even pop little presents in it and get your guests to give it a whack for some festive Christmas stocking stuffers to fall out – super cute!


3. Ice Blue and Silver Winter Christmas

Now this colour scheme might be more appropriate for those in the northern hemisphere who are having a cold Christmas, but I was walking through my local mall the other day and noticed that they had some simply lovely Christmas decorations in the form of ice blue baubles with silver ornate designs around them. It was a stunning effect against the cool marble of the shopping mall floor, and made a very pretty alternate Christmas colour theme.

If you’ve seen the 7/11 video that Beyoncé brought out the other day, you will also notice that she herself has an ice blue and silver Christmas theme in her house. If that isn’t enough reason to have one of your own, then I don’t know what is.

This is a simple theme. Get a silvery white Christmas tree and hang it with ice blue baubles and Christmas tree decorations with silver glitter on top. Then get a variety of silver tinsel and hang it around your chimney and basically make everything sparkle. This Christmas theme is a particular popular one this year, so you should be able to find blue and silver decorations at your local stores.

Brown Paper PackagesPhoto from Flickr

4. Handmade Christmas

This idea is a little similar to the Crafty Cookie Christmas I blogged about a few Christmas’ ago. Focus on giving your Christmas a rustic paper styled themed by wrapping all of your Christmas presents in brown paper packaging (tied up with Baker’s Twine), using stamps and thick twine in place of ribbons, and even getting yourself a super trending eco-friendly cardboard Christmas tree instead of the usual pines.

A handmade Christmas can also be a super cheap and super lovely way to cut back on all the commercialism and focus on one of the real meanings of Christmas – spending time with the people you love. You and your family can all make presents instead of purchasing them and it means that you can end up with some sweet items, such as shortbread cookies, handmade soap, homemade baked pies or even adorable crafty children’s projects. The possibilities are endless and will mean so much more than a gift voucher!

Christmas Sweater

Photo from Vardagen’s store on Etsy

5. Christmas Sweater Themed Christmas

Ok, so this is encroaching on the classic Christmas idea, but the difference is that you are making fun of the whole over-done Christmas thing. Besides, Friday 12 December is Christmas Jumper Day (it’s an actual official holiday!) so you don’t even need an excuse! And if you’re like me and will swelter in 40 degree heat in a tacky Christmas jumper, you can get one of these awesome t-shirt equivalents from Vardagen on Etsy in order to pull this theme off during an Aussie summer.

When your planning this party, think cross-stitch. Stock up on as many Christmas decorations as you can find that have cross-stitched reindeer and moose (meese? mooses?) on them and channel your inner grandma with Christmas doilies, knitted crocheted blankets and handmade messes for Christmas decorations. Go as tacky as possible and get yourself a family portrait taken on the day as well – just to look back at in future Christmases to come.

So there you have it, five alternate ideas to your regular Christmas themes, and with these ideas out there you have no excuse to hang up a strand of mistletoe and call it Christmas at your next shindig. If you decided to go with any of these themes for your Christmas party, let me know! Email me the photos at or post them in the comments below!

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