DIY Events: Host An American Indian Party for Under $50!

A few weekends ago, I spent my time in a magical tipi on the middle of a property with my husband and two of our friends. It was a beautiful weekend and the tipi was something else – erected as a classic Northern American Indian style tipi with a fireplace in the middle. We were guided through a meditation to meet our spirit animals (mine is a deer!) and had some beautiful encounters with some of the horses of the property. I was so taken with this experience that I thought I would draw inspiration from it as part of a new Indian style trend that is making it’s rounds in the party district. So without further ado, I present to you a DIY American Indian party.

Magical TipiPhoto by Byron Carr

Indian Tipi

No Indian party would be complete without a tipi, and this is a must have for your occasion! You can buy cute little ones on your own through many online stores, but they could easily set you back more than $150. You can instead follow one of the following handy guides on how to erect your own tipi out of materials you will have around your house, such as old curtains or sheets and large wooden poles or fallen sticks.

I love the Handmade Home’s version of a tepee because it was super simple and super cute. If you are going DIY and have scraps of material lying around from your other projects (or even a sheet you can decorate) you can follow this guide and it will cost you $7 thanks to the purchase of the wood and string. If you go to a hardware store, they can give you durable offcuts for super cheap!

Put some couch cushions, blankets and maybe even an old mattress inside the tipi and get cozy!

Puffy BuntingThese earthy colours and patterns make a perfect palette for an Indian party!

Matching Bunting

Once you’ve got your tipi together, it’s time to start decorating around it, and bunting is not only a perfect party decoration, it also happens to go amazingly with a handmade tipi! Pick out a material from your local sewing store, or use leftover pieces from the tipi you made, and cut them into triangles that are the same shape and size. Use a sewing machine to sew two pieces of the triangular cloth together to create bunting that can be hung from either side. Then, score yourself a long bunting ribbon in a matching colour and line up your triangular fabric in the middle of it, folding the ribbon over and using a sewing machine to sew it shut.

Repeat the steps until the bunting is together, leaving a small gap about 5cms apart between the bunting triangles. If you’re still unsure what to do, check out some of these tutorials online:

Once your done, hang your bunting above your tipi, stretching across the roof of your venue. The farther you stretch it, the more like a work of art it will be in the sense that your eyes will follow it and be drawn to other decorational aspects in the room.

Indian Headdress

Photo by Lauramakira for Bohemian Tree house!

Indian Headdress

An Indian Headdress is a distinctive  costume piece for a Native American Indian themed party, and it just simply wouldn’t be an Indian themed party without one! I made my headdress using cardboard and feathers, but unfortunately my dog took an interest in before I could take a photo and it got ruined. Instead, I offer you this awesome tutorial for a complex headdress thanks to Bohemian Tree house!

Other Decorations:

Now that you have put your main elements together, there are a few other natural pieces that would work so well in an Indian themed party. Go outside and gather bunches of sticks and twigs and tie them in the middle with rustic brown bakers twine and set in piles around your party like you were going to be lighting a campfire.

If you happen to have dream catchers, hang them up around the place to bring in the Indian spirit, and decorate mason jars for your guests to drink out of by tying brown feathers to them using bakers twine. You can do this as well and use the feathers on the string as bunting to hang above the tipi as well. Cute!

Don’t forget to check out my last post about DIY Arrow decorations as well so you can get some awesome ideas for arrow cupcake toppers, arrow straws and arrow bunting. But first, the break down:


Wood for the Tipi: $7.00

Material for the Tipi: Free

Material for Bunting: $8.70

Ribbon for Bunting: $2.95

Sewing Machine, Ruler, Pencil, Stitching: Free

Material for Headdress: $5.00

Feathers and Sticks: Free

Bakers Twine: $9.95

TOTAL: $33.60

So there you have it, some whimsical ways you can host your own North American Indian themed party for super cheap. Let me know if you use any of these ideas by sending me an email to or by commenting below.


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