5 Perfect Elements For A Tropical Party

Summer is almost upon us, and that means countless hours sitting in the sun drinking ciders and soaking up the good company around you. Summer is the perfect time for a party thanks to those extra long lazy days and the general feeling of good cheer as Christmas approaches, and a great idea for your classic summer soirees is to theme your event like the other hot climates around the world. I’m talking Hawaiian Luau’s, Aztec themed Tiki parties and Easter Island Heads used as decorations. However, if you don’t want to go so obvious in your party’s design, you can settle on a classic tropical theme for your party instead.

Everyone knows I’m a fan of the tropics, so I thought I would shine a light on a few elements that will really bring a bit of the tropical into your summer flings.


1. Pineapples

Decorations for this tropical event is important because you don’t want it to be tacky or obvious. When you think tropical you tend to think of pineapples and coconuts, and these little food items make great decorations as well as food.

Thinking decorationally wise, there is such a large variety of ways to incorporate a pineapple into your decorations. I used golden pineapple cookie jars as decorations that I happened to have bought from Typo because I like golden pineapples, but you can also pick up some fresh pineapple from your local market as well if you want a cheaper option. Make it a staple item for your party and dress it up as the centrepiece. Use pineapple cushions, pineapple shaped pegs on bakers twine, and you can even get pineapple shaped honeycomb lanterns. The possibilities are endless!

Food wise there are heaps of ways you can get your guests to chow down on some pineapple. Serve some delicious pineapple skewers, a pineapple upside down cake or even some delicious pineapple juice. Just remember, if you’ve chosen one pineapple decoration, stick to it. It’s a tropical themed party, not specifically a pineapple themed party (though that gives me a good idea!)

FlamingoPhoto from Flickr

2. Flamingos

Something else that goes extremely well with a tropical themed party is the appearance of flamingos. Not quite Hawaiian or Tiki, they are a great warm climate bird that is so beautiful it makes for a great decorational piece. You can get flamingo fairy lights from the aforementioned Typo, or could even get some garden flamingos to put all around the venue. It’s guaranteed to make the event warm, fun and colourful, and adds an extra element that may not have been there with your general theme. Cute!

CoconutsPhoto from Flickr

3. Coconuts

Ah coconuts, is there anything they can’t do? I think coconuts are the most resourceful thing on earth because you can use them for a variety of different things such as cups, bowls, wood for spoons or carving items, water catchers, rubber collectors, musical instruments and even bras. They’re also amazing as food, drink and beauty products. Surely, out of all the uses a coconut has, you can find some way to utilise it in your tropical party. You can set up little coconut cups as drinking glasses for your guests, or use it as a wonderful coconut display in a hand woven basket. Serve coconut water as refreshments for your guests and serve up a delicious cake with coconut ice cream. Yum!

Tropical Flowers

Photo from Flickr

4. Plants and Flowers

A tropical environment is always lush with beautiful tall green palm trees, floors that rival a rainforest and beautifully exotic and colourful flowers growing everywhere. There is a reason that they call it paradise, and if you want to bring an element of paradise into your tropical themed party than you really have to go all out to have guests relaxing and enjoying the sun-soaked atmosphere. Go to your nearest hardware or garden store and buy yourself pots and pots of palm trees, fern prongs, and colourful hibiscus or tropical flowers in vibrant colours such as orange, yellow and pink. Spread these decoration beauties out amongst the venue and sitting off to the side of your dessert table and you will have everyone thinking they are lounging on a beach – the perfect atmosphere for your tropical party!

If you want to go one step further, you can score yourself a wall of bamboo or cane from the hardware store as well. You can buy them like free standing screens and set them up behind your dessert table to add an extra element. It will bring the Tiki in, without being tacky.


Photo from Flickr


The classic Hawaiian Lei of flowers might seem tacky for a tropical party, but it can be a fun decoration that can get people into the spirit of the event. My strong advice would be to stay away from cheap leis that you can buy in the $2 store and focus on better quality leis that you can buy online – or being super crafty and make them yourself! You can check out a DIY tutorial on my own website about making Suspended Flower Archways, but simply link the fishing wire together in a loop instead. Get everyone wearing summery floral dresses or even Hawaiian shirts to get them all in the mood!

So there you have it, my top 5 essential items for a perfect tropical party! As I’m gearing up to have my own, let me know what you think of my list – did I forget anything? Do you agree? Have you had a tropical themed party and something just simply tied it all together? Leave me a comment below and let me know about it!

If you need more inspiration, check out these links while you are at it:

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