Top 8 TV Show Themed Parties

You’ve seen my post about 8 great movies that would make an awesome theme idea for a party, but where would we be without our favourite television shows as well? Here are some awesome productions from plenty-a-many different channels that would make a great theme for a party.

Mad Men

Mad Men

Sophisticated sixties parties are where it is at, and Mad Men top the popular sixties style TV shows on air. Women can channel their inner Betty with A-line skirts, or follow a more seductive path like Joan with fitted jewel-covered dresses. For men, they can rock the skinny ties, dinner jackets and horn-rimmed glasses.

Set your party up for indulgence with a well-stocked bar, typewriters, saxophones and martini glasses. Play 1920’s jazz and get a bit fabulous while puffing on cigarettes (though I don’t condone smoking!).

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

This is one of the most popular TV shows around, and the variety of characters and lands would make an amazing array of decorations and costumes for your party. The striking visuals mean you can decorate with iron decorations, create your own iron throne, cover your cupcakes with dragon eggs and ignite heaps of candles and open flames.

If your brave, dress up like the fan favourite Mother of Dragon Daenerys or don your best armor to get involved in some sword play action. No matter how you decorate, this will be the one event that you and your guests will never forget.



When it comes to the popular musical TV show Glee you generally fit into two categories – you either love it, or hate it. I personally love Glee, but if you focus on the first three season (as opposed to the last ones) you will be likely to have a better take on the Glee universe.

Decorate your venue like a choir room with fake trophies, Rachel Berry’s gold stars and set up a karaoke machine to pump out Glee favourites and Top 40’s pop hits. Everyone can dress up like their favourite characters and don Sue’s tracksuit, Will’s sweaters or your very own Cheerio’s outfit. It is sure to be a rocking good time!


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Ah, the 90’s. No one has a 90’s party like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the riveting world of Sunnydale would make an awesome backdrop for a party. Get your guests to dress up as characters from the show like Cordelia, Willow, Buffy, Spike or even the dark version of the characters (Just don’t go as that annoying guy that Dark Willow killed at the end of season six – gross!) and decorate your venue like you were at The Bronze, complete with dark shadowy corners and pumping 90’s tunes. Get some spooky elements together and party like you may not have tomorrow…

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead 

Everyone loves a zombie party, and hosting your own Walking Dead party would be a stellar way to celebrate Halloween, or even a spooky birthday. The amazing season five has just premiered and there are some Walking Dead themed places you can dress your venue up to look like such as the hospital that Rick woke up at, the spooky cannibalistic Terminus, the farm or even the prison.

Dress up like a walker or like a character from the main group like Rick, Michonne, Lori, Carol or Daryl. Don’t forget the “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” sign!

True Blood

True Blood

Ah True Blood, another horror TV Show classic that would make for great character costumes and even better decorations! Your guests have a variety of styles to choose from such as Southern Belle, Merlotte’s waitress, vampire, shifter, witch or fairy, and you can model your decorations after any of the different venues showcased throughout the series.

Drape some red velvet, get some neon lights and use a variety of black pleather and latex to duplicate Eric’s haunt Fangtasia, or serve up some fine Southern style fries as a slice of Merlotte’s bar and grill. If you wanted, you could even channel the fairy’s sanctuary by thinking like a cabaret. Just make sure to serve some delicious True Blood beverages or blood red wine at the party to add to the effect.


Spongebob Squarepants

This would be a fun children’s party to theme if you were looking for something tropical and different that would suit both adults and children alike (what adult doesn’t watch Spongebob?). The unique idea with this party is to stay clear of overusing Spongebob’s image (plates, cups, streamers, desserts everything is sooo yesterday!) and to utilise his world of Bikini Bottom a bit more.

Decorate like your party takes place under the sea, with giant clear balloons or balls floating in a net on the ceiling like bubbles or ripples on the sea. Use a giant pineapple or a pineapple decorated cake as a centerpiece (Spongebob’s home) and decorate next to it on the dessert table with an equally as impressive Easter Island Head and rock to symbolize Patrick’s and Squidworth’s abode. Serve delicious cheeseburger “Krabby Patty’s” and play a game where you have to annoy Squidworth (ie. A well-chosen adult!).



Reality shows get a bit hairy sometimes, but Survivor has always been a classic (seriously – the host Jeff Probst doesn’t age ever!) and would make an awesome party. Break out the Destiny’s Child hit of the same name and the tune “Eye of the Tiger” and get everyone to come in cameo print. Decorate with plants and vast jungles with campsite areas for people to lounge in at the party.

For entertainment you can play sevral Survivor games including Spin the Wheel of disgusting mixes of food, scavenger hunts and immunity challenges, where the winner gets immunity from having drunk photos posted of them online the next day. Sounds like a plan to me!

So there you have it, 8 awesome TV shows to inspire and ignite ideas for a TV show themed party. Let me know if you had any of these kind of parties by posting about it below and let me know if you would like me to continue compiling these kinds of lists because I have to say – where the movies and TV shows are concerned, there is more where that came from! Let me know.

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