The People Behind The Party: Byron Carr Graphic Design

If you’ve been on my blog for awhile then the name Byron Carr is going to sound familiar to you. He has not only been the star of some of my posts (including anything invitation related, not to mention the amazing lime and coconut wedding we had earlier in the year!) but he’s also my wonderful husband and partner in crime when it comes to planning our lives, living crazy schemes and sharing wonderful ideas. He’s a Graphic Designer by trade (you can check out his website by following the link here) and runs an awesome blog about his art, his photography and his passions in life.

Unfortunately for Byron not many people really know what a Graphic Designer does and he is constantly met with questions and assumptions regarding his occupation. This is what has given me the idea to unleash my new People Behind The Party series – to introduce you all to the hard work that goes into not just designing invitations and signs for an event, but in designing other elements and implementing them into your dream wedding or party.

My husband brings out the best in me, so now it’s your turn to meet him and see what brings out the best in him!

Byron Carr

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a Graphic & Web Designer, based in Canberra, Australia. Graphic design is my passion, and I also enjoy photography as a hobby. Ever since I was a kid I knew I would end up in the design industry, as I would (nerdishly) create fake websites, video games, or drawings in my spare time. I have since attained an Advanced Diploma in Digital Media and a Bachelor of Graphic Design, and I run a freelance graphic design business in my spare time!

For those that don’t know, what does a Graphic Designer do?

While certain family members may simple say “I’m in IT”, graphic design is much more than that. Every book, magazine, brochure, poster, invitation… yea, that was made by a graphic designer. A graphic designer creates designs for any and all mediums—some specialise in particular mediums (such as illustration, web design), while others (like myself) dabble in all.

Day of the Dead

What inspires you with your designs?

That very much depends on the brief. If I’m asked to design a brochure about frogs, I would go outside and walk around—nature can be the best form on inspiration! Other times, I just have to spend some time and think about what the client wants, and how I can best create a design as a solution.

What can a Graphic Designer do for the events industry?

Need a poster to promote your event? A graphic designer can create that for you. Facebook ads? Graphic designer. Invitations? Signs? Table stationary? A graphic designer does it all, and keeps the event theme in mind the whole time.


What has been your favourite to design and create?

My wife wanted to host a Candyland themed party, and she wanted special invites. I came up with the idea to make the classic golden ticket found in a block of chocolate. The whole process of finding gold foil, creating the design, printing it, and then wrapping it in a chocolate bar that I designed the wrapping for… it was so much fun! And guests have kept the golden ticket as a momento.

Tell us what is coming next for you…

I will soon start selling custom invitation designs on Etsy. I have created a suite of templates, which customers can select, tell me their specific event details and then I tailor make the invitations for them. Check me out soon!

So hopefully that has helped shine a light on the kind of work that a Graphic Designer does – not to mention why I love this man! If you would like to use any of his services, you can check out his website at, send him an email directly to or by emailing myself at

At while I’m at it, I just thought I would wish you all a very happy Halloween!

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