90’s Food Nostalgia

The 90’s are back with their classic fashions, fresh make up looks, and utilising classic kids decorations like confetti and streamers and balloons in unique ways. While you are having a 90’s flashback like I currently am, take a trip down memory lane to your favourite children’s parties and serve some of these delicious past treats at your next party.

Fairy Bread

Fairy Bread

The only way you could get me to eat margarine that hadn’t melted on toast was to throw some sugar on it in the form of hundreds and thousands. It was my mother’s worse nightmare and was actually banned from the house due to it’s messy sprinklage, but my mother isn’t here and my sweet tooth still is.

Ice Cream Spider


A classic delicious treat that was probably stamped out at birthday parties due to their high sugar content that meant kids were bouncing off the walls, you can totally bring these bad boys back now that you’re an adult! Mix your favourite sodas like creaming soda and cola in an adorable classic milkshake glass and add in a few scoops of vanilla ice cream to watch it fizz. Fun and yummy!

Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake

My only cake of choice after I decided plain rainbow cakes just weren’t whimsical enough, I no joke indulged in my favourite birthday treat just last weekend. Can anything beat an Ice Cream Cake? Not if you get a Freddo Frog themed one complete with chocolate frog heads inside it!

Confetti Cake

Party Cake

I also happened to make this just yesterday when I was putting together some photos for my Confetti Comeback piece. I used an amazing butter recipe that I modified to include a lot less butter (it called for 250grams of the stuff and I went for a more modest 60grams) and a lot more sprinkles (the recipe did call for none!). It tasted so much like a classic party cake that I was instantly transported back in time. Delicious!

Chocolate Crackles
Chocolate Crackles

Um, yum! A genuine article at your local school’s bake fair, these chocolate crackles are super simple to make using Rice Bubbles or Cocoa Pops, chocolate, honey and sugar. So bad for you, but so delicious sitting there in their little cupcake pans. Add some sprinkles on top and I dare you to find a single child (or like minded adult) not to eat it.

Lumpy Space princess

Bubblegum, Lollipops and Red Frogs

Get yourself a classic party mix from the candy aisle and make sure it includes delicious treats like red frogs, lollipops, pineapple gummies and Hubba Bubba bubblegum. Put it in a plastic or cellophane bag with the no-muss and no-fuss string bread ties and people will totally get that your being 90’s, not under-selling your take home gift bags. Who doesn’t want a take home gift bag filled with lollies? Give me two!

Yum, after writing about all of these treats I think I am going to have to throw my own 90’s themed party for my next birthday, just so I can get to sample them all! If you have your own 90’s themed party, or have some amazing creations based on those discussed in this post, let me know! Leave your comments in the description below or email me at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com

2 thoughts on “90’s Food Nostalgia

  1. My husband is still obsessed with ice cream cake! It’s what he always asks for on his birthday lol. My favorite 90’s treat is fairy bread.Bread, butter, sprinkles, you can’t go wrong really 😉


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