DIY Events: Host a Whimsical Geometric Kite String Tangle Party

When I first heard the song Arcadia, I thought it was super cute, but it wasn’t until I heard the name of the band behind the song that I truly lost my shit. The band’s name is The Kite String Tangle and it immediately conjured up images of a sunny day on a grassy hill, getting your kite strings tangled with the cute boy next to you who you fall immediately in love with. Oh, and bunnies are everywhere.

This truly whimsical imagery struck me so hard and fast that I instantly thought it was the greatest idea for a party theme! Geometrics are a current trend in the party world at the moment, so it’s a great theme to stay up to date with fashions of the event industry, and it just makes an adorable children’s party theme!


The Venue/ Decorations:

You want this party to be held on a sunny afternoon, with access to the outside, which is why it’s a great children’s party in the spring or summer. The idea of flying a kite stems from a lovely summer or spring day on a grassy hill, so if you can check out the weather before setting the date of the party that would be optimal! I would strongly suggest focusing on a light blue colour theme for the party, so make sure you use a blue backdrop, blue and white polka dot plates, cups and straws, and if you can, work some green tablecloth and some potted plants onto the dessert table to give the appearance of a grassy hill to fly your kite on.

Once you’ve got your blue backdrop up, create some white clouds to give the appearance of the sky. You can do this by making white cloud shapes (think Andy’s wallpaper in his room from Toy Story) out of cardboard to stick on the wall, or you can do what I did and get some white tissue paper pom poms to hang from the ceiling in front of the backdrop. Either channel you take, it will cost you about $2.50 and will work really nicely with the theme.

Don’t forget to get yourself some triangle shaped confetti as well to sprinkle around your venue. If you have difficulty finding some, you can make your own out of crepe paper or cellophane by cutting tiny triangular shapes in the material. DIY and super cute!

Geometric Piñata

Photo by owithdoubledots and available from their Etsy store.

Geometric Fringed Pinatas

One of the most popular and trendy pinata’s out there at the moment, this Geometric Fringed Pinata is super fun and can liven up a party both entertainment and decoration wise. Now you can purchase one of these wonderful pinatas from the Etsy store owithdoubledots (check them out because they have an absolutely fabulous range of pinatas on sale!) or you can make your own by  checking out Hooray Magazine’s article on it thanks to Stacy Clarke Styling. The geometric shape will bring to life the kite aspect of the party.

Kite Bunting

DIY Kitestring Bunting

This DIY Kitestring Bunting is super easy to make and looks super cute once put together. I made it and used it as decoration around the house and on the outside of the venue. Here is how you can make your very own:


Coloured cardboard or construction paper

1 box (24)  paper straws  in co-ordinating colours

Glue, Tape, Scissors, a hole punch and a ruler

Bakers twine, or ribbon


1. On one piece of construction paper or cardboard, draw up your basic kite shape using the ruler. My kites were 25cms high and 20cms wide.  Draw this same sized kite on each piece of construction paper and then cut them out using the scissors.

2. Pull two paper straws out of the box and cut 1cm off the middle of ONE of them. Put glue on the construction paper horizontally in the middle and stick the still whole straw down on it.  Put glue on the construction paper in the middle of the kite, going vertically up and down. stick the two shorter pieces of straw to this end. Let dry and secure with small pieces of tape.

3. Once dry, use a hole punch to make a hole at the bottom of the kite. Tie a piece of Bakers Twine through the hole to symbolise the kite’s string.

4. Thread a long piece of Bakers Twine, or ribbon, through the long unbroken horizontal straws and then repeat the process through each kite, until they are strung together in a bunting fashion. Then you can hang them on the wall. Super cute!


Kite Cookies

These are delicious little treats to serve at your Kite String Tangle party that help keep the theme throughout the dessert as well. Make a batch of sugar or butter cookies (I used a basic sugar cookie recipe from Martha Stewart) and cut the cookies into geometric triangular shapes instead of the usual round cookies. While they are baking, whip up some beautifully coloured icing sugar to lay on top of the cookies and serve using lots of fun patterns. Delicious, and totally in theme!


Cardboard – $2.00

White Tissue Paper Pom Poms – $2.50

Blue Backdrop – $2.00

Blue Tablecloth – $2.00

Cardboard for Bunting – $9.95 from Typo

Paper Straws for Bunting – $2.00

Bakers Twine – $9.95

Scissors, Bakers twine, sticky tape and glue – Free

TOTAL: $30.40

So there you have it, a super cheap and super geometrical party that is going to bring out the whimsy in you – no matter your age. If you decide to incorporate any of these elements in your own party, let me know by emailing me at or by leaving photos and comments in the description below. Stay tuned for my next DIY event: a Tropical Paradise party!

xx Courtney xx

2 thoughts on “DIY Events: Host a Whimsical Geometric Kite String Tangle Party

  1. I’ve always had a soft spot for kites; they conjure up all sort of fun childhood memories for me and they look very pretty. I love the idea of adding a ‘geometric print’ element to the kite theme too, the bunting is especially cool!


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