8 Awesome Movie Themed Parties

Some of my favourite things in the world are movies and parties. Combine the two and you are likely to have one rockin’ event! Here are some out-of-the-box movies that would make a kick ass theme for your next party. I’ve tried to focus on a variety of different styled and themed events, but there are heaps that you can do along the same vein. Hopefully this handy list will get your imagination knocked up a notch!

Sin City

Sin City

Everyone loves a good gangster noir themed party, but give your generic “Guys and Dolls” party a dark and brooding twist by setting a Sin City theme. Make your basic decorations black and white (with maybe a hint of colour like yellow or red mixed in) and set a city scape or nightclub backdrop. Make sure everyone dresses up like characters in the show and watch how many Jessica Alba’s walk in.



This period romance is just on the cusp if fabulousness to create a beautiful high class soiree or extravagant dinner party. When sending out your invitations, strongly suggest that every one is dressed up in the finest to sit around a long elegant dining table with some sophisticated dishes to serve. Use old type writers as the centerpiece, as well as beautiful vases of flowers and parchments of paper as the confetti/table runner. Don’t forget to take your chosen mate on a tour of the library while you are at it!

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages

There are plenty of rock star and 80’s style themed parties you can have, but what is more classic than Rock of Ages? With a huge variety of characters for guests to dress up as, as well as a huge array of classic rockin’ 80’s music to play at the party, you can use classic rock or skateboarding stickers as decorations, grunge up the place with items you could find at a local thrift store, and use music equipment like amps and microphones as decorational pieces. So what are you waiting for? Get your Jack Daniels flowing and the smoke machine blowing for an awesome night to remember.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Risqué and gothic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a fantastic theme for a fabulous party. Set up some long velvet drapery against the walls, sprinkle some glitter everywhere and get everyone to dance along to the Time Warp. The girls (and the guys) can wear corsets and fishnets, so that will appease those guests that love to get a little bit sexy and glittery in their general Halloween costumes, and drink deliciously evil cocktails out of fancy glasses. You can also get a bit of the science fiction theme going by re-creating the lab where Dr. Frankenfurter made Rocky, or by even adding silver material to symbolise the spaceship that is introduced in the end. It’s guaranteed to be a fun time!

Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

This would be a great theme for a party that celebrates the nerd at heart. Set your venue up with gaming styling, and use a mix of cartoon and hipster influences. You can send out invitation in cool electric block fonts, set up take home gifts such as giant inflatable hammers and swords and serve delicious Pac-man and lego styled cookies. Make sure to bring out the alternative in you as well by making sure to play some killer indie jams at the party. Just make sure no body starts fighting…

Luke Skywalker

Star Wars

Who doesn’t love a Star Wars party? Serve sticky “Lea’s hair” buns, Wookie cupcakes and cookies, and Yoda Soda, and use a black galaxy star backdrop as the decorations for your party. See if you can get your hand on some pretend light sabres to give to your party guests, or create your own using glow-sticks or pool noodles for actual light sabre battles! You can make the galactic empire your theme, or you could really go crazy and use exciting elements from your favourite Star Wars movies, such as a forrest venue like the ones that the Ewoks live in, or even a dessert theme like Anakin’s home on Tattooine. The Star Wars empire is really up to you and you can have some amazing decorations out of it… just make sure everyone dons a robe or a Star Wars themed costume…


The Help was an amazing movie about the Civil Rights Movement in 1963, and in working with the more light-hearted styling themes of writing, reading and beautiful dresses, this movie and book would make a wonderful theme for a Book Club party, themed high tea or a ladies day out! Gather the girls in their best 1950’s and 1960’s dresses, looks and styles and have them around to a classically decorated 1960’s venue with floral highlights and typewriter centrepieces. Serve delicious recipes your grandmother used to make, like chocolate pie, cakes and crispy chicken wings, and discuss your favourite books or learn to play Bridge together. Having The Help theme as your party will make for a lovely afternoon high tea.


Pulp Fiction

Did anyone see that episode of Community where they held a Pulp Fiction themed birthday party for Abed? Well, they were right to because it would make an excellent theme! Set your party in a retro 1950’s diner to pay homage to John Travolta and Uma Thurman’s famous dance and get everyone to dress up as either characters from the movie or as timeless gangster, 190’s nostalgia and 1950’s bad ass. Get a mix of black leather and red sparkly vinyl and you are in business!

So there you have it, 8 awesome movies that would make a night to remember out of an alternatively themed party. If you decide to go with any of these themes, I would love to hear about it! Leave your comments in the description below, or email me at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com. And since I love movies so much, be prepared for more awesome alternative movie themed ideas for your next party! Now go be a star!

xx Courtney xx


4 thoughts on “8 Awesome Movie Themed Parties

  1. I love the idea of a Pulp Fiction themed party, they also did one on Gilmore Girls (don’t judge – I still love that show 😉 )


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