Wizard Wednesday: A Spirited Druid Halloween


It’s October, which means it is time for my favourite holiday – Halloween! And while the rest of us like to dress up and play make believe, the Wizards also like to join in the celebration and pay homage to ancient Druids from Great Britain. If you’re looking for a more wizard friendly way to ring in the dead, here are some fun ways that you can do just that.

The Venue/ Decorations:

Following the Druid and Celtic traditions of Halloween, you can put out a “dumb supper”, which is practiced in Scotland and Wales to make ghostly guests feel welcome. The Dumb supper is made of oatmeal and milk and set out for the visiting ghosts, as well your usual ghost cookies for your more abled bodied guests. If you aren’t able to see the ghosts, you can make some of your own by using black or purple balloons, glow in the dark paint and ultraviolet lights that you can buy at your local hardware store. Blow up the balloons, paint spooky faces on them and turn off the regular lights, giving the ultraviolet lights a go – viola! More spooky ghosts will now join in the occasion.

Speaking of lights, it’s also said that spirits like blue lights, so screw blue party bulbs into your light fixtures, or hang blue fabric over lampshades to give it a blue party glow. You can also theme your Halloween decorations blue to appease these spirits.

It is said that Druids also make their best magic in the groves of oak trees, so collect some oak tree sticks and branches, put them in vases, and make them centerpieces at your dessert table for some instant magic themselves.

Games/ Activities:

Turnip Toss

Long ago, the Irish made turnips into tiny lanterns by hollowing them out and carving faces on them (like nowadays pumpkins) and carried them with them on Halloween night to keep bad ghosts away. This game is a fun way to incorporate this tradition into your party.

Choose one person to be in and they throw a decorated turnip over their shoulder at the rest of the group who are waiting. The person who catches the turnip on it’s way to the ground then has to tag as many people in the group as possible with the turnip. It’s basically a big game of tag, and the game is over when everyone is tipped (when they are tipped they are out).

Apple Bobbing

This is a classic Halloween game that was brought about because the Druids used cauldrons or pools of water to help them see the future. Guests play blindfolded and have to use their mental powers to “see” the apple they want. You can even put a secret prize in one of the apples to make it more fun!

Basically fill a small kiddy pool with water (or jelly even! I’ve played that game before) outside and pour in some apples into the pool. The guest then has to get down on their hands and knees, be blindfolded, and then try and find the apple in the pool using just their mouths. It’s messy, but fun, so make sure your guests are prepared and aren’t in their finest wizarding robes for this game!



Have you ever seen a ghost eat? It might get a bit embarrassing for them since they tend to be see-through and you can see their food get digested! For this reason in particular, you should suggest serving food that is clear so that you don’t offend your other-worldly guests! Think clear drinks like lemonade, water and (for the adults) clear alcoholic beverages. You can also get some classic foods like soups, jelly, grapes (also doubles as witches eyeballs!) or even plain food like cheese pizzas to keep the ghostly theme going throughout the food.

Chocolate Covered Worms

If your guests are more delighted in the spooky treats of Halloween, you can serve them up some chocolate covered gummy worms. Buy a bag from the local store, as well as a block of chocolate, which you will need to melt. Next, smother the candy worms in the chocolate and place on a baking tray that has been lined with baking paper. Place it in the fridge until the chocolate has hardened and then pull them out and surprise guests with a hidden worm in their chocolate pieces! Yum!


To finish off your party, you can get each of your guests in a circle and tell some spooky ghost stories! There are heaps to choose from and you never know which one is going to be true…

So there you have it, a classic Druid way you can celebrate Halloween. What are you going to do? Email me at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com or leave me a comment in the description below. Exciting! And don’t forget to stay tuned, oh magical readers, for the very final post on exciting Wizarding parties… it will be one for the more Northern readers amongst us.

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