DIY Fringe Jars

DIY Fringe Jars

Fringe jars are perfect for a 1920’s Flapper themed party, or even a cute little princess party, that is a cheap and simple way to decorate the vases, glass bottles and candleholders for your next event.


6 long strips of crepe paper, 5 cms wide and in as many different colours as you want to decorate the jars with.

Glass bottles, jars, vases or whatever you want to decorate

Scissors and a pen




  1. Wash and dry you glass jars. Measure two sheets of round circular crepe paper the length of the glass jar bottom. Use the paintbrush to paint glue to the bottom of the jar and stick the crepe paper on, smoothing it as you go.
  2. Fold one strip of coloured crepe paper in half and cut halfway through the paper. Unfold the paper and stick it to the glue on the jar.
  3. Follow the same steps with the other coloured crepe paper and paint glue all the way up the jar, layering the fringed crepe paper over and over itself. Make sure to leave enough room for each fringe layer to stick out underneath it.
  4. Tie ribbon at the top to neaten the fringing on the jars and let dry before serving.

And there you go, a super simple and easy way to add the current trend of using streamers in a unique fashion! Let me know if you try this at home by emailing me at, or leave your comments below!

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