Party Round Up – September

Cupcake Kitchen

Photo by Allyeska Photography

It’s September and you know what that means –  beautiful picnics in the sun amongst the flowers, no more cold Winter mornings, and all the more reason to celebrate! Here are some wonderful celebrations that are inspiring my Spring of Things this month:

Party Round Up:

Other Articles:

  • I’ve recently fallen in love with Hooray magazine, and their beautiful blog has inspired with a brilliant idea that I could probably never follow through with on my own blog because it would take too much to arrange outside my usual blogging calendar. So I thought I would introduce the page to you, and you can check out all the work they have done on it! The category is called P is for Pinterest and it basically trends beautiful photos on Pinterest every week, and boy is there some amazing stuff! If beautifully crafted mango cakes, lime cheesecakes and sparkly pants are your cup of tea than you need to head on over to there right now!
  • A man unleashed 50 people into a room filled with balloons and happiness ensued…
  • You the Designer have unleashed a creative project about Making an Ice Cream Cone Art that Shows Your Personality that makes me want to create some ice cream cone art. What would yours look like? Let me know if you make it by emailing me at or by leaving a photo in the comments below!
  • Alright, you know I love a good zombie and that I’m always on the hunt for new zombie goodness, so check out this amazing “seminar” for zombies that I found thanks to the amazing Youtube Nation.


  • And while we’re talking zombies, check out this cute video about how the zombie virus could be extremely likely! Yikes!

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