Autumn Leaves Inspired Wedding

If you’re a classic ’90’s kid like me, you’re probably in that “young”-ish adult stage of life where everyone is either popping out babies or partnering up and getting married. It makes me wonder, is this how our parents and grandparents felt at this age? Is this a normal time for all of these natural occurrences to be taking place, or is it just the Y generation? Either way, I’ve been invited, part of and held numerous amounts of weddings already and have many more still on my scope – yet I have not shared with you all the first wedding that I was invited to that started them all. Time to break that chain!

The first wedding I was invited to as  a legitimate guest and not just a tag-along with my parents, was the wedding of my husband’s cousin Harry to his wife Heather. It was held in March 2013, which in Australia is when the leaves start to turn a beautiful crispy brown and the sunny days are only just starting to get colder.


Photo by Jenny Johnson

Harry and Heather had a beautiful Autumn theme running throughout their wedding, starting with their red and crème invitations that were decorated with beautiful drawings of Autumn leaves in the classic colours of red, brown and orange. They were sent in classic red envelopes, and the same stationary was used throughout the wedding to keep the theme running.

The ceremony took place outside in a beautiful garden that overlooked some of Canberra’s most hidden, yet stunning, waterside views. With nothing but a few white Gladiator chairs and a string of rust coloured bunting to depict the ceremony’s placement, you were really brought back to nature’s basics and introduced to the most natural element of all – love!

Autumn Centrepieces

The reception took place at an observatory in Canberra, which is a wonderful destination to feel close to nature and the night sky. The room was decorated with strings of fairy lights above the reception hall (which the groom and his family put up themselves!) and the table arrangements were made without classic round tables but square ones instead! I was very taken with this unique idea as it meant that each table had heaps of room for the beautiful handmade centerpieces in the center of each one.

The Autumn themed centerpiece held a random assortment of vases and votive holders that contained a series of tea light candles, pillar candles and block candles, all ranging in formal Autumn colours of white and red. Decorated in piles around the candles, and even hugging the vases using brown bakers twine, was a vast collection of different Autumn leaves, sticks, acorns and berries that were collected by Harry’s mother, sister and grandmother just days before the wedding – what an amazing dedication!

There was also an added touch of Autumn with a couple of apples on each table, as well as a cute brown photo frame depicting table numbers (they may look familiar – we used them at our wedding!).

Macaroon Tower

Photo by Jenny Johnson

This centrepiece was amazing, and even more amazing was the selection of Autumn coloured macaroons that were used as the wedding cake! They happened to be made by one of our favourite macaroon artists, Ricardo’s Café, and were a super special and sweet end to the night. We were told that macaroons were chosen as the wedding cake because when Harry and Heather travelled to Paris during their dating relationship, Harry surprised Heather with a romantic picnic under the Eiffel Tower, complete with baguettes, wine, cheese and macaroons. Now that is romance done right!

It was so appropriate to turn a special memory into their wedding cake, and to utilise one of the most beautiful seasons that Australia has to offer. If you take anything away from this post, it should definitely be the idea to make your wedding true to your own memories and your own relationship, but to think of the seasons and the best way to utilise it into your wedding. The results can be astounding, like Harry and Heather’s wedding was!

If you’ve used Autumn leaves, or anything similar, in your wedding than let me know! Email me at

xx Courtney xx

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